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The Stuffed Burger Co-Umm Suqeim 

The Stuffed Burger Co.
In the first week of May ‘The Stuffed Burger Co. ‘ opened in Dubai. For the first time in Dubai, a restaurant dedicated to serving stuffed burgers opened. I was invited to the exclusive launch, but sadly I couldn’t make it as I had some other commitment. 

Recently, I was invited to dine at The Stuffed Burger Co. by the owner Mr.Mohamed Zakout. I grabbed my two kids and landed at the The Stuffed Burger Co. on an early Sunday evening to check out the latest burger joint in town.

Located in the hip and happening Jumeirah Road, The Stuffed Burger Co. has indoor and outdoor seating area. It is a casual dining spot with cosy and comfortable atmosphere. We liked the modern and minimalistic decor. 

Veggie burger
About The Stuffed Burger Co.

The Stuffed Burger Co. specializes in making stuffed burgers. They offer carefully crafted burgers, blending delicious fillings into their burger patties with the best sourced ingredients. You can expect innovative burgers that have a perfect blend of freshness and juiciness.

The Stuffed Burger Co. uses only the freshest ingredients. Everything is handmade and prepared daily, in-store. They serve freshly baked potato buns, that are tastier than the regular buns and also fluffier in texture. They use free range chicken and pure beef ground meat in their patties.

The Menu

The Stuffed Burger Co. offers 5 signature stuffed burgers, charbroiled burgers and a veggie burger. The menu also offers chicken wings(6 flavors), sliders, onion rings, fried jalapeño poppers and their signature loaded fries. They serve some really amazing shakes and lotus & white chocolate cake for dessert.

Our Story 

The kids were more excited than me; then again which kid does not like a burger joint? We immediately liked the cool place. The kids loved the latest radio hits that were playing in the background.  We chose the table near the window and ordered our drinks.


Lotus Milkshake,S'mores Milkshake

Lotus Milkshake was sinfully delicious, if you are a lotus biscoff lover; make sure you order this at The Stuffed Burger Co.

S’mores Milkshake was lip smackingly delicious. It was rich and creamy. A definite must-try, if you ask me.

Freshly brewed iced tea is a good option to all those who want to have a lighter drink that is not heavy or laden with calories. They also have an option of Lemon iced tea.



Fries- We had to ditch the option of loaded fries as it contained bacon. Instead we opted for the fries. We were offered  3 varieties-Regular, seasoned or spicy and cheese fries. The regular ones were the usual fries that we get in all the burger joints where as the seasoned fries was extremely good. It was mildly spicy and well seasoned. The Parmesan cheese fries was good too, but it could’ve been better. 

Burger Meal
Fried Jalapeño Poppers was okay, not extraordinary.  It was the kind that we get in all the American burger joints in Dubai.

Onion Rings was a bit oily, nevertheless it tasted good.

Garden Burger is the only veggie burger available in their menu. It had a vegetable Patty, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato topped with cheese with their special sauce. Not only me, even the kids liked this burger. We liked the fact that it was not very heavy and we were able to finish it. 

I would like to request The Stuffed Burger Co. to add couple more vegetarian burgers in their menu. 


Lotus Biscoff, Sponge cake

Lotus & White Chocolate Cake was heavenly. You need to forget about the calories. It had layers of spongy cake topped with decadent cream and garnished with crumbled lotus biscoff. If you like your dessert very sweet, then you will definitely like this cake. 


We had a wonderful experience. We liked the food, the service and the ambience. Again, I would like to request them to add couple more veggie burgers in their menu. Maybe a stuffed veggie burger with sriracha sauce.

Telephone: 04 2759091

Delivery Hotline: 600 54 55 41

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Ka’ak Al Manara-Mercato Mall

Ka'ak, Street food,fresh bread
Thanks to Ka’ak Al Manara I was recently introduced to the popular ring shaped, sesame bread from Lebanon known as Ka’ak. They are as common in Beirut as bagels in New York. I found it much tastier than the Manakish(famous Levantine bread). 

Ka’ak Al Manara is a Lebanese Canteen located in the first floor of Mercato Mall in Jumeirah. It is a frills free, canteen style kiosk with ample seating area in the food court. Ka’ak Al Manara is the first Lebanese  Ka’ak, Salad and Soup chain in the world.

The Beginning 

Ka’ak Al Manara was started by the passionate Ziyad Ayass two years ago as a Lebanese pop up street food concept at the Ripe Market . The Ripe Market is an unique shopping and dining experience that brings the local and expat community together to support local small businesses. The Ripe Market takes place every Friday at Zabeel Park during winter. Encouraged by the popularity and the long queues, Ziyad quit his Corporate job to pursue his passion. And opened the first permanent canteen style kiosk in Mercato Mall.

All about the Ka’ak 

At Ka’ak Al Manara, Ka’ak bread is freshly baked in-store daily. It is dairy free, trans-fat free, contains no oils, butter or artificial flavors. They use all natural ingredients and their Ka’ak bread is 100% suitable for vegetarians. You can have your Ka’ak plain or with various filling- savory or sweet.

My story

Nescafe coffee, Bonjus juice

After being seated, my hubby and I were served Al Manara Nescafé and the kids were offered Bonjus Juice in cute tetra packs. As a coffee snob I refused to have the instant coffee, but after hearing hubby rave about it, I decided to give it a try. And I must tell you, it was quite good actually. Never knew instant coffee could taste this good. This is the coffee straight out of the streets of Lebanon.

Mushroom soup,Pumpkin soup
Ka’ak Al Manara not only serves Ka’ak bread and sandwiches, it also offers soups and salads. We tried two of their soups-Mushroom and Pumpkin. They were refreshing.

Quinoa Salad,Vegetarian
The salad of the day was Quinoa Tabbouleh with balsamic molasses vinaigrette. We loved the unique sweet and tangy dressing in the Quinoa Tabbouleh. 

Their salads and soups change every day like a deli. So whichever day you go, you are sure to have something new.

Lebanese style sandwich

This is how Ka’ak bread looks

 They have a good variety of Ka’ak, from original to speciality and sweet. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here’s a list of what we had:

Labneh-Traditional creamy yogurt topped with veggies and virgin olive oil.

Akawi Cheese-It had melted Akawi cheese with Zaatar that was topped with black seeds.

Halloumi Cheese-Toasted Halloumi cheese topped with sumac and veggies.

Zaatar-Traditional paste of thyme,sesame and olive oil with vegetables.

Each and every Ka’ak sandwich was unique, tasty and delicious in it’s own way.

For dessert, we had their two signature sweet Ka’ak:

Nutella Halawa- Nutella and Halawa spread mix.

Knafeh-Rich Arabic cheese pie with sweet sugar syrup.

Both the desserts were gob smackingly good. Can’t tell you how delicious they were, you have to try it to believe it.

Ka’ak Al Manara also has meal combos and party boxes. They do deliveries too. Can’t wait to go back again. 

For delivery or more info call: 04 258 2003
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Hiroshima Peace Memorial -Hiroshima 

Hiroshima,Japan,Peace Memorial
If you are visiting Japan, don’t let go of a chance to visit Hiroshima. Though there are many interesting places to visit in Hiroshima, but a visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial is a must. It is worth taking some time  to visit and ponder on the dark past of history. I had a surreal experience. It’s hard to describe this place where the first atomic bombing in human history took place. It is a stark reminder of devastating effects of atomic bomb.

Even half a day is enough to visit the memorial. We went on a day trip to Hiroshima on our own from Kyoto. We took a bullet train from Kyoto to Hiroshima and it took us two hours and twenty minutes approximately. You can also plan a visit from Osaka which is much closer to Hiroshima than Kyoto. To reach the memorial we took a tram(streetcar) from the JR Hiroshima Station. It took us 15 minutes. The Memorial is located at the center of Hiroshima city surrounded by water and greenery. It is a very calm and peaceful place.

A-bomb Dome,Hiroshima

A-bomb Dome

A-bomb Dome

At 8:15 am on August 6th, 1945, the city of Hiroshima fell victim to the world’s first atomic bombing. The entire city was virtually leveled, a total of 140,000 precious lives were lost. 

The A-bomb Dome was an industrial promotion hall that was constructed in 1915. When the bomb fell, it instantly killed everyone in the building and the flames enveloped the ceiling of the dome and burnt the entire building. The parts of the walls which withstood the blast because it came from above, together with a dome-shaped steel frame have become a symbol of Hiroshima because of it’s shape and circumstances. It came to be called as A-bomb Dome. It is also the world heritage site.

Cenotaph,Peace Memorial Park


Peace Memorial Park 

Sprawled across an area of 122,100 square meters is the park that was completed after the war. Within the park there are many memorials like Cenotaph and the Children’s peace monument. The park is scenic and beautiful.

Children's peace monument,Japan

Children’s Peace Monument

Peace Memorial Museum 

Housed inside the park is the Peace Memorial Museum. The museum exhibits show Hiroshima before and after the bombing. The museum also displays the belongings left by the victims, photos and other materials that convey the horror of that event.

Working hours: The museum is open throughout the year except December 30th and 31st. 

Timings: 8:30-18:00


Adults : 200 yen

High school students: 100 yen

Kids below 12 are free

Cup Noodles Museum-Yokohama 

Cup Noodles Museum,Yokohama,Japan
On our recent visit to Japan we visited the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama. If you are a parent and traveling with kids, you need to plan kid friendly places to visit, so that they are not bored. Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama was recommended by my blogger friend Jen. 

We took a day trip to Yokohama from Tokyo by JR line  and reached in less than half an hour. Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan. It has many attractions like the Chinatown, botanical gardens, Yokohama port and museum, cup noodles museum, amusement park, aquarium, zoo and a harborfront. 

Instant Ramen Noodles,Nissin Food Products
Yokohama is worth adding to your itinerary if you are traveling to Japan. I am glad that we did. Our first stop at Yokohama was the Cup Noodles Museum.

To reach the museum

You can reach the Cup Noodles Museum by train, taxi or bus from Yokohama Central.

Museum timings and fees

The museum is open from 10:00am-18:00pm.

Closed on Tuesdays.

Fees: Adults-500 yen

Kids aged 0-15 years are free

About Cup Noodles Museum 

Momofuku Ando,Chicken Ramen

The Cup Noodles Museum is an enjoyable and interactive museum that shows the history of instant Ramen noodles through the museum’s many exhibits and a short film. It was opened by Nissin Food Company, whose founder Momofuku Ando invented the world’s first instant Ramen noodles in 1958. The Yokohama museum was the second cup noodles museum to open in Japan, the first museum is in the city of Osaka.

Some of the interesting areas to visit in the museum are:

Interactive Museum,Whimsical Exhibits
Instant Noodles History Cube

Momofuku Theater 

Momofuku’s Work Shed

The Momofuku Ando Story

Designing our own cups
Making our own cup noodles was the highlight of our visit. By paying 300 yen per person, we can create our own cup noodles. We got to design of our own cup, select our favorite soup from among 4 varieties and 4 toppings from 12 ingredients. Not only did the kids enjoy this activity, we adults had fun doing it. The best part was to eat our creation.

Those interested can also take part in a session to make chicken Ramen by hand. Starting with kneading, spreading and steaming the wheat flour and then drying it with hot oil drying method. You need to make advanced reservation for this and pay extra money-300 yen for kids and 500 yen for adults.

The museum also offers a paid play area called CupNoodles Park

Noodles in a cup,Japanese Noodles
Noodles Bazaar was another attraction in the museum that we loved. The Noodles Bazaar has an ambience that is like an Asian night market. It is the place to enjoy the noodle culture that has spread to every corner of the world.

We ended our museum visit by going to the museum shop to buy some souvenirs. 

If you are a kid or an adult, it is definitely worth visiting the Cup Noodles Museum. It was a good and fun learning experience.

Mahiki-A Tiki Paradise 

Mahiki, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
When I want a little holiday in Dubai, I just head over to Mahiki. The Polynesian themed decor transports me to a cool destination, it makes me feel like I am on a holiday, albeit for a few hours. There is never a dull moment in Mahiki restaurant and bar. Though I’ve been to Mahiki many times, I’ve had only their amazing cocktails, never eaten there. In the last week of May I was invited to a night of dinner and drinks with friends at Mahiki. 

Located in the plush Jumeirah Beach Hotel, London’s popular party destination-Mahiki opened it’s doors in Dubai almost five years ago and it is in the must-visit party destination for all Dubai hipsters. 

The atmosphere is fun and party-like from the entrance itself. Decked up tastefully in vibrant colors, Mahiki looks like a Tiki paradise. The gorgeous bar, the spacious dance floor, the lovely dining space, the amazing music and the live DJ enhances your Mahiki experience.

Mahiki also hosts some of the popular nights like Ladies Night, Industry Night, Guilty Pleasures and so on. If it’s just a couple of drinks you are looking for or to have dinner or party all night long-Mahiki has it covered.

For a cocktail lover like me, Mahiki is my go-to place for a tipple. Love their tropical themed drinks, that are gorgeously presented in their vibrant tiki cups. Their Pina Colada, London Fog Cutter and Honalulu Honey are some of my favorite drinks.

Coconut water based cocktails,Skinny Cocktails
This time my friends and I had their Skinny Cocktails-Mahiki’s new coconut water based beverages. These light and refreshing cocktails were a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer night.

Their drinks menu is elaborate and has a huge variety. The food menu is small, simple and to the point. So it’s easy to make a choice. As my friends and I happen to be vegetarian, we ordered only vegetarian food. Here’s a list of the dishes that we ordered:

Mahiki Dubai, Bar food

Big Fat Greek Olives

Steamed and Sea Salted Edamame 

Roast Beetroot and Fennel Salad

Spinach and Red Pumpkin Salad

Triple Cooked Chips

Mac & Cheese Bites

Everything was well prepared and absolutely delicious. Our favorites were the salads, chips and Mac & Chips bites. We liked the fact that they were ready to make some dishes that were not in the menu upon request.

It was such a great night, we had so much fun. The atmosphere is friendly and lively. Mahiki has got some of the coolest staff. The drinks, the food, the music, the service and the crowd was wonderful. We can’t wait to come back. It’s been refurbished recently and looks more gorgeous than ever. 

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Lunch Thali Promotion At iZ-Grand Hyatt

Indian Thali, Authentic North Indian Lunch
Grand Hyatt in Dubai is home to many good restaurants and iZ is the Indian restaurant serving North Indian cuisine. Recently, I was invited to iZ to enjoy their Thali lunch that happens every weekday from Sunday to Thursday. 

Located at the lower lobby level of the hotel, you have to pass the beautiful tropical gardens to reach the restaurant. 

The decor of iZ is modern, chic and elegant. They have an indoor and outdoor seating area and you get a view of lush green garden from the restaurant. iZ has an open kitchen concept, with a sophisticated and contemporary kitchen where the chefs prepare food in front of you. They are especially popular for their tandoor dishes.

As I visited them for their Thali promotion, I didn’t look at their a la carte menu. I did go through their drinks menu, and it has a wide array of non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Though Chaas is included in their Thali promotion, we wanted to drink something chilled to beat the heat.

Lemon Cooler,Rose Lemonade
We ordered a  Lemon Cooler and Rose Lemonade. Both our drinks were refreshing and just what we required on a super sunny afternoon.

The Thali promotion offers both, veg and non veg options. It consists of  an assortment of ten dishes in a Thali(plate). The Thali includes a starter, salad, papad, a variety of main course dishes, roti(bread), rice and dessert. It also includes a yogurt based drink. All this for a very reasonable price of AED 88 per Thali.

As my dining partner and I are vegetarians, we opted for the veg Thali. Our Thali consisted of: 

Vegetarian Thali
Veg Seekh Kebab



Yellow Dal

Dal Makhani 

Potato Curry (dry)

Vegetable Curry

Palak Paneer


Jeera Rice


Gulab Jamun 

Butter Milk (drink)

Yogurt based drink,Butter Milk
The Butter Milk or Chaas is a flavored butter milk made with yogurt, black salt, cumin and mint. It is very refreshing and healthy. The Best drink for summer.

Each and every dish in the Thali was good. The veg seekh kebab was succulent and tasty, the potato curry was delicious and well cooked, the yellow dal and dal makhani had a homemade flavor, the vegetable curry and palak paneer were rich in flavor and taste, the Gulab jamun was scrumptious, the jeera rice was perfectly cooked and went well with all the other curries and the whole wheat roti was soft and fresh.

The portion size was perfect, the meal was light, well cooked and delicious. The lunch Thali promotion is definitely worth trying.

For Reservations call: 04 317 2221 

Thali promotion is from Sunday-Thursday 

Timing: 1:00pm-4:00pm

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Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe-Dubai Marina

Uzbek Cuisine,Kazakh Cuisine, Russian Cuisine
This is one of those reviews which I wanted to write, as soon as I visited the restaurant. When I went to Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe I was super thrilled as I was trying a new cuisine for the very first time. I am quite surprised at myself that having lived here in Dubai for more than 13 years, that I haven’t tried Uzbek, Kazakh or Russian cuisine as there are quite a few restaurants offering this cuisine. I am glad I finally got introduced to it.

Located at the ground floor of the Point Tower building in Dubai Marina, Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe offers authentic and wide selection of Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian delicacies. It’s an all day dining restaurant, open in the morning till midnight. 

Uzbek style decor, Long winding stairs
It was easy to locate the restaurant, thanks to the trusty GPS. From outside ,the restaurant didn’t look impressive. Upon entering inside, it was like we were transported to Uzbekistan. The decor of Gulnaz is completely done up in Uzbek and Kazakh style. High ceilings were decked with colorful chandeliers, a winding wooden staircase leading to upstair smoking area and detailed murals depicting scenes from ancient times in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia gave it a dramatic effect. The interiors are bright and beautiful. 

Traditional setting
Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe has indoor and outdoor dining area. Inside the restaurant, upstairs is the smoking area and the ground floor is the non smoking area with two kinds of seating arrangement-the main table area is the usual seating style like any other restaurant,  the other seating area is the Uzbek style, something similar to Majlis style.

As I was with my family, we chose to sit in the Uzbek style of seating as it looked very homey and cosy. The kids felt completely at home.

Uzbek Lemonade
What do we order? We panicked as we didn’t know any of the dishes from the menu. Anyway we ordered a Lemonade and it was not the regular lemonade we are used to. It came in two flavors and it was different. We prefer the regular lemonade over this.

As for the food, our friendly Uzbek server helped us out. Not only did he help us choose the dish, he also patiently explained us about each and every dish. At Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe everything is made fresh in their traditional Tandir, Kazan pots with authentic spices and flavors.

Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian cuisine is meat and seafood friendly and vegetarian options are limited, but nevertheless they have decent vegetarian options. Here’s a list of what we ordered.

Eggplant Salad
Eggplant Salad had a combination of fried eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and fresh coriander. A must-have for all eggplant lovers.

Almaty,Almaty salad
Almaty is one of their signature salads and does contain meat. But as we are vegetarians, they made it without meat. Almaty had a medley of fresh veggies, apple and homemade mayonnaise. It was delicious.

Vegetable Samsa
Vegetable Samsa is one of the amazing hot starters that we ordered. It was a Uzbek puff pie filled with pumpkin. 

Blintz is the famous Russian pancake with a choice of filling. We opted to have ours stuffed with cottage cheese. It was ok, a bit on the heavier side. I would prefer to have it for breakfast.

Buklama was fantastic. Buklama is an Uzbek pan fried pastry with plain cheese. It was served along with homemade tomato dip. An absolute must-try dish at Gulnaz.

Manti, Pumpkin Manti
Manti was one of the few vegetarian main course dishes that was on their menu. Manti is a delicious steamed pudding filled with pumpkin.

Plov,Pride of Uzbek Cuisine
Plov is the pride of Uzbek cuisine, your Uzbek meal cannot be complete without eating Plov. It’s made of rice, meat, vegetables, Uzbek spices and cooked in a traditional way in a cauldron. As we are vegetarian, they made our Plov without the meat. It was full of flavor and taste. We absolutely loved the Plov and can’t recommend it enough.

Lepeshka,Bread baked in Tandir
Lepeshka is the traditional Uzbek bread made inside a Tandir(clay-oven). It was round, flat and crispy. It can be had plain or with the other dishes. We had it with the sour cream.

Napoleon Cake,Russian Cake
Napoleon Cake is a Russian cake that is layered with generous sweet cream filling. It was flaky, moist and absolutely scrumptious.

Uzbek Black Tea
Uzbek Black Tea in a tea pot was how we ended our fantastic dinner. The Uzbek black tea had lemon and orange flavors. It was pleasant, aromatic and refreshing. Don’t even think of leaving Gulnaz without having their excellent Uzbek black tea.

Overall, Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe offers outstanding food, warm hospitality and friendly service. We had an unforgettable experience and would love to recommend this place to everyone.

Phone: 04 453 4887


P.S.- Thank you Dilnoza and team Gulnaz for inviting us.

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Blue Sapphire Chinese Restaurant-JLT

Indian Chinese Food,Behind JLT Metro Station
When it comes to Chinese restaurants in Dubai, there is a plethora of options. But there are a very few restaurants that really standout. As I am not a huge fan of Chinese cuisine, I visit only a few of the tried and tested places. When I got an invitation to dine at Blue Sapphire Chinese Restaurant, I didn’t expect much. But what a pleasant surprise it was! Not only did it offer good Chinese food, it was pocket friendly too.

Located at the Platinum Tower, Cluster I in JLT, Blue Sapphire Chinese Restaurant offers Chinese cuisine in a bright and cheerful setting. The restaurant boasts of a lakeside view. It offers indoor and outdoor dining area. The al fresco dining area is a good option to dine during winter. 

Blue Sapphire Chinese Restaurant is a mid-sized restaurant and it can easily seat more than 45 people. The decor of the restaurant has a typical Chinese look-bright red colored Chinese lanterns, comfortable seating, Chinese paintings and wall hangings. 

Iced Tea, Orange Juice
After being seated in a cosy corner, we immediately ordered our drinks. My husband had fresh Orange Juice and I had their signature Iced Tea. Both our drinks were refreshing. 

The Chinese food at Blue Sapphire Chinese Restaurant is Indian inspired. Their menu is elaborate and offers a wide array of soups, starters, mains, sizzlers, rice and noodles. Undoubtedly, meat eaters and seafood lovers are offered a great variety, but vegetarians won’t be disappointed either. On request they will make the dishes that are not in the menu.
We ditched the soups as we had a refill of our drinks and directly ordered the food.


Crispy Babycorn,Dimsum, Crispy fried vegetables

• Crispy Babycorn was batter fried to perfection and tasted crisp and slightly spicy.

• Veg Dimsum is one of my favorite dish and I always order it whenever I visit a Chinese restaurant. At Blue Sapphire they make both steamed and pan fried dimsum. We ordered the steamed one, it was good. It was served along with a special dumpling sauce.

• Crispy Fried Vegetables & Crispy Spinach was fantastic. The batter fried crispy vegetables tossed with their special Chinese sauce was full of taste and flavor. For the crispy  spinach, fresh spinach was roasted with salt and pepper and garnished with white sesame seeds. 

We were served a variety of their own special sauces to go with the starters.


Vegetable Manchurian,Hunan Sauce,Garlic fried rice

• Blue Sapphire Vegetables was made with garden fresh veggies that were diced and cooked with Hunan sauce. The crunchy veggies in the sauce had well balanced flavors.

• Vegetable Manchurian was great. This ever popular Chinese dish is such a delight to have with vegetable fried rice.

• Blue Sapphire Szechwan Veg Rice is their own special creation. It was a mix of rice, noodles, crispy noodles with wok fried veggies in spicy sauce. It was excellent and a must-try dish in Blue Sapphire.

• Garlic Fried Rice was bland. It would have been better with more garlic and chilli added to it.


Darsaan with Ice cream

• Darsaan With Ice Cream was another winner. Thick stir fried noodles was drenched with honey and garnished with sesame seeds and served along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Jasmine Tea, Green Tea
A perfect Chinese meal always ends with a freshly brewed Jasmine Tea. Thus we ended our meal with a cup of exotic and soothing Jasmine tea.

We enjoyed our dining experience at the  Blue Sapphire Chinese Restaurant. We liked the fact that they keep introducing new dishes every now and then. They do not use MSG or excessive oil in any of their dishes. You can expect good food, good service and welcoming atmosphere.

For delivery call: 04 451 5552

For more info, visit their website:

P.S: Thanks to lovely Shanaz of TheShazWorld for inviting us.

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Operation:Falafel-Downtown Dubai 

Arabic Street Food,Middle Eastern Flavors
Couple of days back, I was invited to dine at the newest outlet of Operation: Falafel at Downtown Dubai.  Operation:Falafel brings Arabic street food to Dubai. In a short period Operation: Falafel has already opened four branches in Dubai, and three more branches are to be opened soon.

Located at the fabulous Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai, Operation:Falafel offers a street food experience. It is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is open 24 hours for dine-in and take away. Oh! What joy to have their amazing falafels and shawermas all night long. 

Casual Dining,Falafels, Shawerma
The atmosphere of the place is friendly, lively and energetic. Modern decor, high ceiling, funky graffiti, comfy seating and great tableware make it a perfect destination to dine at. Loved the dim lighting and Arabesque inspired artwork on the menu. The menu itself looked like a pretty story book. 

Operation:Falafel offers both indoor and outdoor seating area. It would be great to sit outdoors during winters. The restaurant is cute and cosy. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, Operation:Falafel offers a good variety. 

Lemon Mint juice,Watermelon juice
We started off with drinks. Their drinks menu offers fresh juices, homemade Laban, soft drinks, Turkish coffee, Espresso and tea. My husband had the Lemon Mint Juice and I had the Watermelon Juice. The freshly made juices were amazing, it immediately perked us up.

Zaatar and Cheese Manakeesh
The first dish to arrive on our table was Zaatar and Cheese Manaeesh/Manakeesh. We liked the fact that it was folded as it was easy to eat. The Manaeesh had the melt-in-your mouth quality to it. It was absolutely tasty. They have many varieties of Manaeesh.

Here’s a list of dishes that we had at the restaurant:

Alayet Banadoura,Fattet Hummus
• Classic Falafel were the regular falafels that we get in most of the Arabic restaurants in Dubai,nevertheless it was good. Classic falafel was served with tahina sauce.

• Stuffed Falafel was falafel stuffed with onions, pine seeds and hot pepper sauce and topped with sesame seeds. It was mildly spicy and extremely tasty.

• Peasant Salad was a simple salad made with finely cut veggies like tomato, cucumber, mint and served with lemon oil dressing.

• Fattet Hummus was excellent. It was rich and creamy dish. Fattet hummus was layered with bread and topped with chickpeas, pine seeds, parsley and tatbelah sauce.

• Alayet Banadoura was another winner. It was like a tomato stew. It was tangy and tasty.

The freshly baked and fluffy Arabic bread that was served to us, went very well with the other dishes.


Fusion Cheesecake,Chocolate and banana Manousheh

• Fusion Cheesecake was such a delight. It was an Arabic inspired cheesecake. Though I like cheesecakes, they are too heavy. But what I liked about the fusion cheesecake was that, it was light. A definite must-have dessert.

• Chocolate and Banana Manousheh was deliciously divine. Another must-try dessert. It had a thin and soft homemade Manousheh bread lathered with creamy chocolate and topped with slices of banana, chocolate and garnished with tiny pieces of nuts. 

Overall, we had a wonderful dining experience. Operation: Falafel knows how to balance old street flavors with twenty first century trends. Loved their scrumptious Middle Eastern dishes, flawless service and relaxed atmosphere. 

For delivery or more info call-600 530 006


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Barbecue Delights-Downtown Dubai

Afghani Restaurant,Pakistani Restaurant
Last evening we were invited to dine at Barbecue Delights Restaurant at their Downtown Dubai outlet. Having visited and liked their Oud Metha outlet years ago, we were excited to visit their Downtown Dubai outlet. 

Barbecue Delights is one of the popular restaurant chains in UAE. This casual dining concept offers a variety of Pakistani, Afghani and North Indian inspired cuisine. Barbecue Delights offers a la carte menu, daily buffet and grills in a pleasant surrounding. 

Barbecue Delights opened their first outlet in Oud Metha Road, almost ten years back and now they have many outlets in Dubai. 

Pakistani Artwork
Located at the swanky Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai, Barbecue Delights is a spacious restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas. The interior of the restaurant is sleek, modern and comfortable. The restaurant boasts of a high ceiling, beautiful artwork on the walls and separate buffet area.

If you give me a choice between a la carte and buffet, I’ll always go for a la carte because I would rather eat what I like than stuff myself with numerous buffet offerings. Having said that, Barbecue Delights’s buffet offers great choice and it’s reasonably priced.

Mango Lassi,Fresh Kiwi Juice
We started off with drinks, my husband had the Mango Lassi and I had the Fresh Kiwi Juice. Great drinks to have in summer.

If you are a vegetarian like me, don’t worry-Barbecue Delights has many vegetarian offerings in the menu. We ordered a la carte instead of the buffet.

Hummus,Moutabel,Garden Salad
We were served Fresh Garden Salad, Hummus and Moutabel to start our dinner. The salad was fresh and crisp. The Hummus was very good, just like the Hummus you get in good Arabic restaurants. The Moutabel was the regular kind that you get everywhere in Dubai.


Vegetable Seekh Kabab,Paneer Tikka

Vegetable Seekh Kabab was perfectly spiced, flavorful and tasty. It was served with tamarind sauce.

Paneer Tikka was bland and flavorless and has to be improved. The mint chutney that was served along with it was good.


Kabuli Pulao,Kandhari Naan,Roghani Naan

Daal is a basic and simple dish made with lentils and seasoned with ginger, garlic, onions and spices. The Daal was good.

Aloo Jeera was very different from the kind I am used to eating. It was good, but I would’ve liked it better, if it was a bit more spicy.

Palak Paneer could have been better. We liked the purée of spinach and tomato with the spices, but the paneer was not well cooked. 

Mixed Vegetable Curry was an absolute delight.  It had a medley of seasonal veggies in a tomato and onion gravy.

To go along with our meal, we were served Kandhari Naan and Roghani Naan. These naans were excellent and very authentic tasting. I think I’ve had the best Roghani naan in Dubai, it was thick,soft, chewy and oh so delicious. The Roghani naan was topped with white sesame seeds and brushed with butter.

Kabuli Pulao was fantastic. It was made with aromatic basmati rice that was cooked to perfection with Chickpeas and brown onions and garnished with raisins and almonds.

Seasonal Fruits

After this we were too stuffed and didn’t have any room for dessert. But we were offered well sliced, seasonal Fresh Fruits for dessert. We couldn’t refuse it, the fruit platter looked so colorful and delicious filled with a variety of fruits. 

Overall, we had a good dining experience. The food, the service and the ambience was great. 

For delivery, take away or catering:

Call: 04 434 3443 


056 342 3292
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