Veghana- A Perfect Combination of Tantalizing Ghanaian Cuisine and Healthy Vegan Food


Always get excited when I try something new. Last week for the very first time I had a Ghanaian meal and it was amazing. When it comes to West African cuisine I am completely clueless and the Ghanaian food from Veghana wowed me over with its rich and well-balanced flavors.

Veghana is a combination of tantalizing Ghanaian cuisine and healthy vegan food. It perfectly mergers the worlds of healthy vegan food and aromatic West African cuisine.

Veghana is a bespoke delivery and catering service founded by Nana-Serwa Mancell , a Ghanaian expat who is passionate about West African food. She believes that West African food deserves its place amongst the popular global cuisines, and that West African food has an enormous amount to offer anyone on a plant-based diet. For Veghana, Nana has re-created the menu she has grown up eating in Ghana.

Veghana is not just about the food, it is about music, art and everything in between. They’re also part of events and pop-ups.

Ghanaian Cuisine in Dubai

Food can be ordered online on their website or through phone or WhatsApp. Their menu features a range of starters, mains and desserts. We ordered their Ramadan Feast for two. It had a Super-Food Drink, Soup, Main Course and Dessert for each person. The portion-size was generous.

We began the Ramadan Feast with the healthy Bissap super-food drink. Next we had the creamy and nutty Peanut Soup, staple food of Western Africa.

We had Jollof Rice Feast and Plantain and Beans for main course. Jollof rice is incredibly tasty West African dish and it came along with salad, yam balls and fried plantain. It was a wholesome and utterly delicious meal.

The flavorful and nourishing Plantain and beans consisted of black-eyed beans stew served with fried plantain and sprinkled with gari foto.

Dessert was the super moist and absolutely amazing vegan and gluten-free Chocolate Cake. We also liked the Coconut & Vanilla Ice Cream.

We enjoyed the authentic, flavor-rich and sumptuous West African food from Veghana. It is plant-based, entirely meat and dairy free. Whether you are vegan or not, if you are a foodie you’ll love the phenomenal tasting food from Veghana.

Delivery Timings: 12pm-10:30pm daily

Catering Service: Available anywhere in UAE

Call/WhatsApp: +971 50 956 9277 or +971 56 279 7494


Instagram: @veghanalife


Author: Meghana

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