Glamping Experience at Mysk Moon Retreat in UAE

Glamping in UAE

I am excited to share about my first-time Glamping experience to all my readers. For the uninitiated, glamping means outdoor camping with amenities and comforts not usually used when camping.

I’ve gone camping few times in my life and it was fun. But I really missed a proper toilet and a comfortable bed. Off late, I was hearing so much about glamping and I thought I’ll give it a try and chose Mysk Moon Retreat in Sharjah.

From Dubai, it took us 1 hour to reach the destination. Set in the shadow of the Fossil Rock, amidst the sand dunes of Mleiha and framed by the Al Faya Mountains, Mysk Moon Retreat is where stunning nature meets modern luxury.

Mysk Moon Retreat Sharjah

Far from the busy city life, the retreat offers simplicity, adventure, discovery, privacy and hands-on glamping. Explore Mleiha, Fossil Rock etc by the day and enjoy a canopy of stars by night.

After a swift check-in we were escorted to our Dome. The property offers free parking service for guests. Mysk Moon Retreat features 10 domes and 6 tents. All of them are carefully designed with breathtaking views of the desert, a terrace with barbecue and most with temperature-controlled swimming pools.

We stayed in the moon-shaped dome with the temperature-controlled swimming pool. And it can accommodate 2 adults, for families and big groups their one and two bedroom tents will be perfect.

Glamping at Mysk Moon Retreat

Amenities in our dome

• King-size bed

• Toilet and shower

• Soap and shampoo

• Air conditioner

• Mini Refrigerator

• Coffee and Tea making facilities

• Private pool

• Outdoor deck

• DIY barbecue equipment


There is no cafe/restaurant and pre-ordered meal baskets were delivered along with items that could be barbecued or cooked like eggs, meat/veg skewers etc. You can also bring food and drinks from outside. We enjoyed making scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast and barbecue for dinner.

Mysk Moon Retreat

Our experience

What we enjoyed most was sitting in the outdoor deck and watching the mountains and the desert in the daytime and stargazing in the night time. We also did self-trekking and watched sunrise and sunset which was beautiful. It was a serene and luxurious experience where we could soak in the nature and surroundings.

Everything about our glamping was exceptional…the location, the concept, the dome, the view, the serenity. It was truly unique and memorable weekend getaway.

Things to do while staying in Mysk Moon Retreat

• Trekking

• Mountain biking

• Stargazing

• Mleiha Archeological Center

• Mleiha Museum

• Activities like horse riding, buggy driving, dune bashing, Mog truck tour

• Visit Off Road Museum

• Jebel Buhais Archeological Garden

• Visit various cafes near by in Al Faya area

Phone: +971 6 801 2020



Luxury glamping in UAE

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