Status Kitchen- A Hidden Gem in Mirdif

Status Kitchen  Dubai

Tempting desserts and delicious looking comfort food in the Instagram page of Status Kitchen made us take a trip to nondescript corner of Mirdif on a Saturday afternoon for lunch.

We came all-ready for a relaxed sit-down meal, then realized that Status Kitchen is a takeaway joint and the entire cafe is divided into a large kitchen with different sections. But thankfully there were 3 stools to sit and eat.

Their iPad menu features appetizers, fries, burgers, rolls, hotdogs, sandwiches, pastas, pancakes, crepes, milk cakes, waffles, French toast and various kinds of drinks like milkshakes, mocktails, smoothies, slushes, latte and iced tea.

Status Kitchen Mirdif

After making ourselves comfortable in a tiny but cosy corner, we ordered our drinks. The Pina Colada was made right in front us using a whole pineapple and served in its shell. It was oozing with freshness. Their Pina Colada comes totally recommended. We also liked the cool and super refreshing Lime & Mint Slushy.

If you are a vegetarian like me, there is not much you can order except desserts. So yes, the options are limited for vegetarians.

Status Kitchen

As our starter we ordered the yummy Status Special Fries. It was loaded with cheese, jalapeño and strings of fried onions. Next we had the Macaroni Balls. Though the presentation looked phenomenal, but it was bland and there was no flavor or taste whatsoever.

Pink Pasta with veggies was our main course. It was well made and tasted good.

Nutella French Toast

Coming to our favorite part of the meal which is dessert, we ordered Pistachio Pancake and Nutella French Toast. If you love pistachio, then their divine-tasting Pistachio Pancake is an absolute must-try. The Nutella French Toast had two of my favorites- Nutella and French toast. And every bite took me to sweet heaven.

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Status Kitchen. The portion size is generous and the pricing is reasonable and affordable.

Phone: 058 208 0000

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