Pide Keyfi- Turkish and Middle Eastern Restaurant

Pide Keyfi Dubai

I first tried Turkish cuisine when I moved to Dubai years ago and since then I’ve been a fan of Turkish food especially the pide and the desserts. Dubai has some of the most amazing Turkish restaurants from fine dining restaurants to pocket-friendly ones.

Couple of days ago when I was craving for Turkish food, I ordered from Pide Keyfi, a Turkish and Middle Eastern Restaurant. It is located in Jumeirah Village Circle.

As I’ve personally not visited the restaurant, I cannot comment on the decor of the restaurant. But they delivered the food on time and the packaging was done right.

Pide Keyfi is open from morning till night and their menu features a range of soups, salads, pides, grills, mains and desserts along with Turkish cold and hot beverages. The menu is elaborate and there is something for everyone.

Pide Keyfi Restaurant

Being a vegetarian, I was not disappointed with their selection of dishes. Below is the list of dishes that I ordered from Pide Keyfi:

  • Coban Salad was a simple and light salad which was refreshing.
  • Loved the Ezme Salad that was made with tomatoes and hot peppers. It was fresh, spicy and tasty.
  • Gavurdagi Salad is one of the classic salads in Turkish cuisine and it was made to perfection by Pide Keyfi.
  • Next we had the ultra creamy and smooth Hummus. The hummus went well with the Turkish Bread that they had sent us.
  • As our hot appetizer I had ordered Baked Mushroom. It was a simple appetizer that had mushroom stuffed with cheese and baked in an oven.
  • Turkish flatbread or pide which is something similar to pizza is my favorite Turkish food. And I was glad to notice that their menu offers a good variety of pide. We had ordered two different varieties- Cheese & Vegetable Pide and Spinach Pide. Both of them were good, but we liked the spinach pide the most.
  • For dessert we had Cheese Kunafa and Soufflé. The cheese kunafa was disappointing as it was burnt on the top and didn’t taste anything like the delicious kunafa that I’ve had in many Arabic restaurants. But the rich and indulgent Soufflé made up for it.

Overall, we enjoyed the food from Pide Keyfi and wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.

Phone: 04 368 7286

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