Yugo Sushi- New Japanese Fusion Concept in The Greens

Yugo Sushi

The month of June is almost coming to an end, that means our long summer vacation will begin in a few days. But before we go on a holiday, we visited a new restaurant recently.

Yugo Sushi is a new restaurant that is located in The Greens. Yugo is a Japanese fusion restaurant that offers Japanese dishes with their own creative twist.

Below statement by team Yugo Sushi tells us about their concept:

‘Yugo’ in Japanese means- to fuse; to blend; to combine; to integrate. Our chefs have improvised on the traditional Japanese recipes and added their own twist to it; which does not contradict the traditional flavor and taste that we love so much, but compliments it to create a fusion that you end up wondering, how you could have enjoyed Japanese food for so long without the ‘Yugo’ touch!

The Asian inspired interiors of Yugo is fabulous. Loved the inviting vibe of the chic venue. Whether it is for lunch or dinner, Yugo is the best spot to visit. Their business lunch on weekdays seem to be popular already.

Their e-menu features a wide range of dishes. As vegetarians, we tried only their veg dishes. The veg options are limited, but good.

Fruit punch

We started off with two of their signature mocktails- Midori Fruit Punch and Yugo Signature Mocktail. Both the drinks were refreshing, but a bit too sweet.

Some of the dishes that we tried were:

Spicy Edamame

  • Simple, steamed and spicy Edamame.
  • Agidashi Tofu was deep-fried to perfection and dusted with a thin layer of potato starch. If you’re a tofu fan then Agidashi Tofu at Yugo is a must-try.

Volcano roll

  • The Volcanic Roll was spicy and addictive. It was topped with their special sauce.
  • Their Mango Lovers Roll was the other roll that we tried. It had a tasty mango flavor with teriyaki sauce. A good roll option for vegetarians.


  • Harumaki or spring roll in Japanese was crisp but too oily.
  • As our entrée, we ordered their Vegetable Curry which was served along with Rice. The Japanese Vegetable Curry was hearty, delicious and flavorful. It is not only vegetarian but vegan friendly too. We loved this humble and immensely tasty comfort food.

Sencha tea

  • Dessert was a trio of Ice Cream in Mango, Strawberry with pepper and Chocolate flavor. It was beautifully presented and tasted absolutely delightful.
  • We ended our dinner with a pot of soothing and relaxing Sencha Tea.

We enjoyed our dining experience at the promising new place Yugo Sushi. Good food that is reasonably priced in a lovely atmosphere, that sums up my Yugo Sushi visit.

Phone: 04 236 0223

Email: info@yugosushi.com
Yūgō Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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