Cocoa Kitchen- City Walk Dubai

Cocoa Kitchen Dubai

There are few places in Dubai that I regularly frequent and the lifestyle destination City Walk is one of them. I had always been fascinated with Cocoa Kitchen, whenever I passed by it, and I decided to pay them a visit finally.

The concept of Cocoa Kitchen as explained by the team:

Cocoa Kitchen is a concept store that revolves around a simple mono ingredient. A restaurant with a delicious menu to show the world that Cocoa can be a starter and main course ingredient and not just the dessert we’re all accustomed to.

Cocoa nibs are versatile when used in savory cooking and can be introduced at any point in the recipes to lend their distinct flavor. The menu celebrates the flavorful Cocoa nib as it draws inspiration from successful fusion with a wide variety of ingredients.

Chocolate factory

After hearing about their concept, I was curious to try out the dishes in their menu. Cocoa Kitchen is the first Cocoa cuisine restaurant in UAE. And definitely a place you have to add to your eating-out list.

Situated in the bustling hub of City Walk, Cocoa Kitchen has decor that is inspired by an old chocolate factory. It has contemporary and chic interiors with welcoming vibes. It is a spacious venue with indoor and outdoor dining area.

Open from morning till late in the night, Cocoa Kitchen offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can expect a hint of Cocoa in everything.

Chocolate butter

Our lunch experience at Cocoa Kitchen started with their Sardinian Bread, Nibbed Chocolate Pita and Chocolate Butter. What a great way to start a Thursday afternoon.

For our drinks, we ordered their refreshing Mixed Berries Mojito and Passion Fruit Mojito.

Cocoa Kitchen’s international menu features some amazing dishes. Some of the appetizers we ordered:

Smoked Burrata

  • I love Burrata and when I saw Smoked Burrata in their menu, I had to order it. The Smoked Burrata arrived with a bit of a drama with lid covering the smoke and Burrata. Loved the smoky flavor and the fresh Burrata came on a bed of tomatoes, roasted red pepper, Cocoa butter and chestnut crumble. It was topped with pecan pesto.

Eggplant dip

  • Delicious and smoky Smoked Aubergine Moutabel came along with toasted cocoa nibbed pita bread.
  • Crispy Fried Falafel was our next appetizer. The crispy and sesame crusted falafel was complemented by Cuban 70% chocolate mole sauce and tahini.

our mains were:

Power lunch

  • We had the super healthy and tasty Detox On Nibs. It had avocado, mixed grains, red cabbage, carrot, kale, tender stem broccoli, pomegranate, spring onion, coriander, nuts, nibs and seeds.
  • Next we had Butternut Squash & 100% Cocoa Ravioli which had ricotta, pine nuts, Parmesan and Cocoa nib tuille. Their Ravioli was a bit on the sweeter side and heavy too. Nevertheless, it tasted great.

Now for the interesting part of our lunch-desserts:

Chocolate sphere

  • We tried their signature dessert The CK Sphere. It was a huge chocolate sphere with white chocolate and strawberry crème brûlée, zephyr 34% white chocolate and wild strawberry compote inside. It was a sphere made in heaven, we relished it. Their chocolate sphere is so huge that it can feed 3-4 people.

Pistachio milk cake

  • Milk Chocolate & Pistachio Milk Cake was rich, moist and extremely indulgent.

We ended our lunch with a hot cup of perfectly brewed and handcrafted Cappuccino.

What a unique and delightful experience we had at Cocoa Kitchen. Cocoa Kitchen takes Cocoa to the next level. Our culinary adventure made us try every facet of the Cocoa bean, its an adventure that we will not forget in a hurry.

Have you visited Cocoa Kitchen? If not, then you’re missing out on an incredible experience.

Phone: 04 343 2506

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