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Hello Chef Dubai

Hi people! Last week I got introduced to an amazing delivery service in UAE – Hello Chef. Sometimes cooking same old dishes becomes boring and all that planning, shopping, chopping and then cooking takes the joy out of cooking. Plus there is an added pressure of preparing something new so that kids find it interesting. I had heard about the award winning delivery service, Hello Chef and decided to try them out.

Hello Chef is the brainchild of Olivia Manner, an expat in Dubai. She is passionate about cooking and catering from a young age. She also has a degree in hospitality management from a University in Finland.

What can you expect from Hello Chef?

With Hello Chef, cooking and eating well becomes easy. Fresh ingredients and great recipes are delivered weekly to your home. They offer healthy and nutritious food. Whether you are looking to manage your weight or want to go wheat- free or gluten free, Hello Chef has it covered. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options.

How it works?

Olivia and her team create new recipes every week. You can visit their website and choose the meal and the size pack that suits you and your family. The meal box with fresh ingredients and easy recipe are delivered to your doorstep. There is no delivery charge and its AED 46 per meal approximately.

Here’s a simple way in which Hello Chef team has explained, how it works:

  • We create fun, easy and delicious recipes every week.
  • You choose the box that’s right for you.
  • No more visits to supermarket. We deliver to your doorstep for free.
  • You prepare easy to follow mouth-watering meals.

What comes in the box?

Box with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients with step-by-step instruction cards.

Meal plan

You can choose from their Low Carb pack/box or Family box or Veggie box. As a vegetarian, I chose the Veggie box for 4 persons. And our veggie box contained fresh veggies with a tasty combo of pulses, grains, nuts, cheese and pasta.

The four recipes and ingredients that were sent to us were:

  1. Warm chickpeas and kale salad
  2. Provençal Tian bake
  3. Roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta cheese wraps
  4. Creamy cauliflower Alfredo Linguine

We loved the creative recipes. Cooking was simple, hassle-free and easy. Everything was made from scratch using premium ingredients. My family and I enjoyed the delicious dishes. It was like having a gourmet meal at home and not in a fancy restaurant.

For more info:

Website: http://www.hellochef.me

Email: hello@hellochef.me

Contact: 056 648 0597

Author: Meghana

I live in Dubai. I am passionate about traveling, food, reading, theatre, art, music, fashion, writing, tennis and photography. I love to explore new places, whether it is a country, restaurant, art gallery or a play. This blog will mostly cover food, lifestyle, travel and books. Come join me in my journey...you will enjoy the ride!

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