Roti Rollers- Where East meets West

Roti Rollers Dubai

I first came across Roti Rollers on my social media and ever since then I’ve been fascinated with their concept and I made a plan to visit them for lunch yesterday. I was not disappointed by Roti Rollers and in fact they exceeded my expectations.

Located in the quiet corner of Dar Wasl Mall in Wasl Road, Roti Rollers is an Indian street food concept with a modern touch. You can expect an East meets West style of food without losing the actual Indian flavor.

Helmed by talented, creative and experienced Chef Sameer, the food at Roti Rollers tantalized our taste buds with a huge range of flavors. We were wowed by their simple, healthy, delicious and flavorful food.

Aam Panna

The interiors of the restaurant is quirky yet cool. It has a rustic charm, loved the auto rickshaw at the entrance. Its a small and cosy restaurant with an open kitchen.

We started our dining experience at Roti Rollers with two of their drinks- Mangonade and Kulfi Lassi. While we loved the tangy and refreshing raw mango based Mangonade, the Kulfi Lassi didn’t tickle our taste buds.

Potato samosa

The bite sized potato Samosas were amazing. We could easily polish off 4-6 of those tiny delights. We also tried almost all of their speciality sauces and chutneys. Each one of them were distinctly different and delicious.

Their menu is simple and concise. You can choose from their signature rolls or build your own roll or bowl. We ordered one of each- build your own roll and bowl.

Chargrilled corn

For a vegetarian like me there are two options and I chose the Potato Dabeli Roll. You get to choose your Roti for the roll and they have options like wholewheat, avocado, beetroot, lentil and pav bhaji Roti. Next step is to choose the filling and I chose the potato dabeli filling with my pav bhaji Roti. You also get to choose a side and I chose chargrilled corn. While the Roti crisps and Pakola(carbonated soft drink from Pakistan) were part of the meal.

I absolutely loved the roll, it was packed with great flavor and taste. It was not oily or greasy like you get in other places. The chargrilled corn had a nice smoky flavor. Their Roti crisps were addictive.

Masala fries

We built our own bowl with Quinoa Peas Biryani and as a filling added the spinach and paneer kebab. Masala fries was our side dish with Roti crisps and Thumbs Up(popular Indian soft drink) as part of our meal.

The Quinoa Peas Biryani was mildly spicy, wish it was bit more spicy and flavorsome. The spinach and paneer kebab was lush and succulent, we relished it. The masala fries were crisp, not too spicy and perfectly done.

Hershey’s chocolate samosa

To round off, we had their Hershey’s Chocolate Samosa sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was loaded with chocolatey goodness. A definite must-try for all dessert fans.

Overall, we had a wonderful lunch experience at Roti Rollers. The food is lip smackingly delicious, the service is quick and efficient and the atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming.

Totally recommend this place and I can’t wait to visit them again.

Phone: 04 345 0761

P. S.- This festive season why not try their Turkinator, their new turkey roll. Its a turkey tikka in a whole wheat roti with cranberry parsley chutney, potato crisps and an optional spice mix.

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