Cult Canadian Ice Cream Brand Sweet Salvation- Now Open in City Walk Dubai

Sweet Salvation City Walk Dubai

If you are living in Dubai and if you’ve not heard of Sweet Salvation then you must be living under a rock. When it opened recently, the kind of social media frenzy it created was mind boggling.

I’ve heard of people coming all the way from Fujairah and Abu Dhabi just to sample the soft serve ice creams from Sweet Salvation. My love for ice cream is not confined to any season, so what if its winter in Dubai…that doesn’t stop me from having my favorite dessert- ice cream.

Soft serve ice cream in a cone

Sweet Salvation is a soft serve concept store which originated in Toronto, Canada. Their Dubai outlet is the first outlet in Middle East. The Dubai outlet is located in the culinary hub of City Walk.

Hear what Andrew Richmond, the man behind the brand has to say:

The brand was formed out of a shared passion for creativity and food. It all started one night when a couple of staff combined clever thinking and soft serve in the kitchen of one of our restaurants to test our desserts, which led to something unbelievable, yet so simple and is now being enjoyed across the globe.

Their menu offers soft serve ice creams, shakes, hot beverages and cold brew coffee in a super gorgeous setup. Its one of the most grammable destination in Dubai. No wonder, all the Instagram hipsters are going gaga over it.


Sweet Salvation offers soft serves in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, coconut and saffron. They also have a dairy free option. They serve two kinds of soft serves- ‘no frills’ soft serves and ‘pimped out’ soft serves. The soft serves comes in two sizes and it is served either in cups or cones.

I tried their signature pimped out soft serve- The Sweet Salvation that had vanilla soft serve with chocolate and peanut butter sauce topped with small chunks of caramel, chocolate and peanuts. It tasted divine.

I also tried the Bounty Killah which is a coconut soft serve with toasted coconut and chocolate sauce. If you love coconut, you’ll definitely love this flavor.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

From their hot beverage section, I tried the S’more’s Hot Chocolate which was disappointing. The hot chocolate didn’t have the rich chocolate flavor nor was it creamy.

Overall, I liked their soft serve. My suggestion is to stick to the soft serves rather than going for their hot beverages. The pricing is a bit expensive for a soft serve, but the quantity is huge enough to share between two people.

Is there any other flavor that I need to try at Sweet Salvation? Do let me know.

Phone: 04 349 9917

Sweet Salvation Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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