Kebab Bistro- Authentic Parsi Restaurant in Dubai

Kebab Bistro Dubai
Last week, I visited Dubai’s first Parsi restaurant- Kebab Bistro for lunch. Kebab Bistro serves authentic Parsi food along with Indian chaat and kebabs. If you want to get introduced to Parsi cuisine, this restaurant must be first on your list.

After living in Mumbai for four years, I’ve been to some of the best Parsi restaurants and cafes and love the Parsi cuisine. Naturally I was pretty excited to visit Kebab Bistro.

About Parsi Cuisine 

The Parsis came to India over 1400 years ago from Persia and adopted Indian food habits and culture. Gradually, the Parsi cuisine grew into a unique West Coast Indian cuisine, which still retains authentic food flavors and techniques from ancient Persia.

Kebab Bistro location and ambience 

Kebab Bistro is located in the foodie paradise of Karama in Dubai. The owners of Kebab Bistro are Parsis, so you can expect authentic Parsi food. The restaurant is small and cozy. Loved the homey and welcoming vibe of the place. In the afternoon, the restaurant looked bright with natural light. 

You can’t miss the picture frames of famous Parsi personalities that adorn the walls of Kebab Bistro. I jumped with joy when I spotted the picture of two of my favorites- Ratan Tata and Freddie Mercury. 

Kebab Bistro offers buffet lunch every day as well as ‘a la carte’ menu. Their weekend special buffet is quite popular where you can enjoy an exclusive unlimited Parsi Lagan Nu Bhonu(Parsi wedding feast).

Along with authentic Parsi dishes, Kebab Bistro’s menu also features North Indian cuisine, kebabs and  chaats. Parsi cuisine is well known for their meat and fish based dishes, but if you’re a vegetarian like me, then you won’t be disappointed as they have a decent variety of vegetarian dishes.

Our dining experience 

Parsi restaurant in Karama

We ordered from their ‘a la carte’ menu. While we were going through their menu, we were served complimentary bowl of  freshly made Salad and tasty Mint Chutney.

To quench our thirst, we ordered a glass of Mint Lemonade. Their beverage list also offers various kinds of lassi, soft drinks and masala tea.

Here’s the list of dishes that we ordered:


Paneer patties

We ordered two starters- Veg Cutlet and Paneer Patties. Both the starters were a bit bland and didn’t have much flavor or taste. But as we had it with the amazing mint chutney, it tasted okay.


All the main course dishes that we ordered were really good. We ordered Parsi specialities like:


  • Sev Nu Shaak, a dry tangy curry prepared with sev (gram flour vermicelli), tomato, onion and other spices. It was a simple yet delicious dish.
  • Bhaji Daana No Stew was a dry spinach based dish with green peas and potatoes. It was mildly spicy, oh-so-tasty and perfectly cooked. We liked it.
  • Parsi meal is incomplete without ordering Dhansak and we ordered Veg Dhansak.  Dhansak is made with mutton or chicken or with just lentils and veggies. The veg Dhansak at Kebab Bistro was packed with great flavor and tasted utterly delicious. It was served with fragrant caramelized basmati rice and the combination of Dhansak with the rice was superb.
  • We also ordered their soft and freshly made Chappatis to go with our curries. They have various kinds of breads, but if you’re having a Parsi meal then I would suggest you, to have it with chappati.


Caramel custard

Lagan Nu Custard is an iconic Parsi dessert made during Parsi weddings. The name itself means wedding custard. Its a milk and egg baked custard. This rich, fresh and scrumptious custard is a must-try at Kebab Bistro. The portion size is generous and can be easily shared between two people.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Kebab Bistro. We liked the food, service and the ambience. If you are looking for a Parsi restaurant in Dubai, then you should definitely visit Kebab Bistro. It is worth visiting.

Phone: 04 327 1211

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