Healthy Poke Bowl at Cali-Poke

Poke bowl
Move over Acai bowl, I have found my new favorite- the super fresh, healthy and delicious Poke bowl at Cali-Poke. With four locations in USA, Cali-Poke has now opened its fifth branch in Dubai. You can customize and enjoy Poke bowl at Cali-Poke.

What is Poke?

Until I visited a Poke restaurant in San Diego couple of years ago, I didn’t know what Poke was . Poke is a Hawaiian word, which means “to slice or cut crosswise into pieces.” 

The Poke eaten by Hawaiians was a simple mixture of raw fish, veggies tossed with rice and umami-packed sauces. After the Asian and American touch, the basic recipe has become more interesting with addition of more ingredients.

Cali-Poke in Dubai is located at Churchhill Tower, Business Bay. The restaurant is small and has minimalistic and clean decor with indoor and outdoor seating area. 

Cali Poke
The menu is small and simple, where you can choose your Poke bowl, Poke taco and Ceviche. As sides you can choose edamame, miso soup, salad or chips. For beverages, we get to choose packaged drinks. I ordered the Sparkling Lemon.

Simple and savory Miso Soup was delicious, flavorful and refreshing.

Being a vegetarian, I chose a Veggie Poke Bowl which was fabulous. The Poke bowl was not only healthy, it was utterly delicious, light, crunchy and packed a flavorful punch. I loved it.

Here’s how I customized my Poke bowl:

  1. Choose your base- I chose white rice.
  2. Veggies- Cucumber, avocado, red onion, coriander and green pepper.
  3. Pick your seafood- I chose Tofu as I am a vegetarian.
  4. Dressing- I went for the ginger dressing.
  5. Toppings- Green onion and sesame seeds.

If you are into healthy, light and tasty food, Cali-Poke is the perfect place for you. I definitely recommend visiting or ordering from Cali-Poke. 

Phone: 04 431 2067



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