Lazfan Cafe- New Emirati Restaurant in Town

Restaurants in Satwa
I have just been away for a month and there have been numerous restaurant and cafe openings in Dubai, I’ve plans of visiting each and every one of them, one day at a time.

 Yesterday, I was craving for authentic Emirati cuisine, and decided to check out Lazfan Cafe, a brand new Emirati restaurant in town.

Located in Satwa, it is tucked inside a residential building, it was easy to find the restaurant with our trusty Google map. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining space.

Lazfan Cafe Satwa
Lazfan Cafe is a cute little cafe with Emirati decor. We loved the tastefully done decor. Its a perfect place to get your overseas guests to soak in the Emirati culture, heritage and food.

Lazfan Cafe’s menu offers authentic Emirati dishes, desserts and drinks along with international selection of food and drinks. The cafe has a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

We started with drinks first:

Drinks with date syrup
Ethanyeh Mocktail– It was a green apple, lemon and ginger based drink, blended with date syrup.

Ghdeer Etteir Mocktail– It was made with red grapes, parsley, coriander and cucumber.

Both the drinks were freshly made and tasted great.


Falafel pizza

Feta cheese, dates and walnuts enhanced the taste and flavor of the Quinoa Salad.

For me, a visit to an Emirati restaurant is incomplete without ordering Khameer bread. At Lazfan Cafe, we ordered Khmeer Jmeira, one of their signature dishes. It had fresh and traditionally baked Khameer bread served with cream cheese and date syrup. Soft and chewy Khameer bread tasted very good with the cream cheese and date syrup. A must-try dish.

Next we ordered the Foul Moudamas which had boiled fava beans. It was served along with the chopped veggies.

Baidh & Tomato which had a combination of tomato paste with eggs was fantastic. It was served with freshly baked bread.

Have you ever heard of a falafel pizza? I had never heard of it before and I thought ‘let me try this unusual combination’ and ordered their Pizza Falafel. It was the regular pizza topped with tiny bits of falafel and baked. This pizza tasted excellent, I strongly recommend it. 

For dessert, we ordered Lugaimat, a simple Arabic dessert that was crunchy from the outside and soft inside, it was coated with date syrup and garnished with sesame seeds. It was a very moreish dessert and we loved it.

Black tea
We ended our dinner with a pot of Lazfan Tea. It was black tea with subtle saffron flavor. The tea was presented in a bright colored cute teapot. 

Overall, we had a good dining experience.

Phone: 04 351 5171

Lazfan Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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