Iftar Buffet at Al Hosn Ballroom- Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa

Iftar in Sheraton Sharjah
My first Iftar buffet outside Dubai was at Al Hosn Ballroom in the beautiful property of Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa in Sharjah. As I was on a staycation at the resort, I decided to try their Iftar last evening.

Al Hosn Ballroom is one of the two expansive ballrooms in Sheraton Sharjah. This ballroom has a luxurious setting with high ceiling. When we visited the ballroom for Iftar, it wore a festive look with bright red table runners, colorful lanterns and exquisite crystal chandeliers. 

Al Hosn Ballroom in Sheraton Sharjah
The Arabian inspired decor was a treat for our eyes. Decorated in grand style, the Al Hosn Ballroom is the perfect venue to spend the Ramadan nights with your family, friends and colleagues.

During Ramadan, every evening after sunset, Al Hosn Ballroom hosts a lavish Iftar buffet. This buffet includes a wide selection of salads, soups, cold and hot mezze, mains and desserts along with Ramadan beverages and water.

After being seated, we were offered water and dates. The ballroom had a lively atmosphere with lot of people and families. We immediately hit up the buffet station.

Here’s what their Iftar buffet looked like:

Iftar buffet in Sharjah

  • Traditional Ramadan drinks like Jallab, Tamer Hindi, Laban Aryan etc was available at the entrance of the ballroom.
  • The bread station had assorted bread.
  • The soup counter had two kinds of soup-veg and non veg. Our favorite was the lentil soup with crispy bread.
  • Cold mezze and salad station had a wide range of fresh and tasty salads and cold mezze. We loved the corn salad, lentil salad, fattoush, Tabbouleh, moutabel and mohammara.
  • Hot mezze station featured falafel, fatayer, meat kibbeh and cheese sambousek.
  • There were live cooking stations too and the shawarma station seemed to be very popular with the guests.
  • There was a separate counter for the grills and it had all the Iftar favorites like lamb Kofta, lamb chops etc.
  • Any Iftar cannot be complete without traditional lamb Ouzi and the lamb Ouzi at Al Hosn Ballroom was amazing.
  • As for the mains, apart from Arabic dishes there were Italian and Indian dishes too.
  • The highlight of this Iftar buffet was the colorful dessert station. We loved the variety they offered from Arabic sweets to cakes, pastries and puddings. 

We enjoyed the sumptuous Iftar buffet at Al Hosn Ballroom. Its a good Iftar buffet option in Sharjah.

Iftar Buffet (Al Hosn Ballroom)

Individuals AED 129

Groups of 10+ AED 116

Timings: Sunset-9pm

Suhoor Menu (Al Mahatta)

Suhoor Set Menu AED 85

Timings: Midnight-4am

For reservations:

Email: Sharjah@sheraton.com

Phone: 06 599 0088

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