Iftar at Sapori Di Bice

Sapori Di Bice in City Walk Dubai
Its already a week since the holy month of Ramadan started and I’ve been busy attending Iftar after Iftar. But this year I am attending only a few Iftars and trying to avoid Iftar buffets as much as possible. 

When I heard that award-winning Italian restaurant Sapori Di Bice is offering an enticing Iftar menu this Ramadan, I had to visit them.

Iftar in City Walk Dubai
Sapori Di Bice is an authentic Italian restaurant that is located in City Walk in Dubai. Open every day, it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu offers an extensive selection of pizzas, pastas, rôtisseries and more.

The restaurant is tastefully done up in light hues of white and has a welcoming atmosphere. This family friendly restaurant has a vibe of an urban Italian eatery. We loved the olive trees inside the restaurant, elegant furniture and tableware.

Having visited Sapori Di Bice couple of years ago for lunch, I was looking forward to my Iftar. They have a special menu for Ramadan-Ramadan Al Tavolo

The Ramadan Al Tavolo is an eight-course-set-tasting menu that is priced AED 168. It has been designed with sharing in mind and features exclusive dishes for the month of Ramadan. You can expect classic Arabic dishes with Italian twist. 

Lentil soup
We were offered complimentary Dates to start our Iftar. After that we ordered their amazing Mocktails. Drinks are not included in the set menu and you have to pay extra.

Our first course was Zuppa Di Lenticchie, which is a traditional organic lentil soup with zesty lemon and toasted bread. The lentil soup was hearty and flavorful.

Couscous with lamb
In a sharing platter, we were served next four courses and it consisted of Hummus E Pane Arabo, Insalata Fattoush All’Italiana, Couscous Allé Verdure E Agnello and Polpette Di Agnello In Salsa Aurora Piccante. It was served along with  Arabic Bread.

  • We experienced the traditional flavors of chickpeas hummus with organic olive oil. 
  • The Italian interpretation of fattoush salad was made with tomatoes, coriander, cucumber, bell peppers, romaine leaves and crispy flat bread in sumac balsamic dressing.
  • The couscous salad had couscous with mixed veggies and topped with chopped lamb. 
  • Polpette Di Agnello or the lamb meatballs had pine nuts in spiced Aurora sauce.

The appetizers were light, fresh and tasty. We especially liked the hummus and couscous.

Chicken machboos
For the mains, we were served Pollo Arrosto E Riso Arabo Con Verdure that is the chicken machboos served with long grained basmati rice and sautéed vegetables. Panino Di Agnello or hand chopped lamb burger with yogurt and mint dressing was the other main course dish. The main course dishes were wholesome and packed a delicious punch.

Riz bi Haleeb
The last course was dessert-Dolci Assaggi Di Tramonto. It had Kunafa cake with luquaimat ice cream (honey and sesame), Riz  bi Haleeb (rice pudding) and Panna Cotta with date dibs. The Kunafa cake with ice cream and Riz bi Haleeb were outstanding and had a perfect Italian-Arabic fusion. Panna Cotta with date dibs was tad too sweet for our liking.

We ended our Iftar with a refreshing cup of Camomile Tea.

Sapori Di Bice offers a unique and delicious menu for Ramadan. If you are looking for an Italian inspired and relaxed sit-down Iftar in a beautiful setting complimented by good service, then look no further than Sapori Di Bice.

*Complimentary Shisha when ordering Ramadan Al Tavolo set menu.

For reservation call: 04 344 2550

Price: AED 168 (without drinks and includes Shisha)

Timings: Sunset to 2am

Location: City Walk, Jumeirah, Dubai 

Sapori di BiCE Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Author: Meghana

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