Premium Chocolates From Prague-Now Available in Dubai 

Moringa covered chocolate
Prague is one of my favorite cities in the world, I always reminisce about my visit to Prague every now and then. When I heard that one of the premium chocolate brands from Prague- Prague Chocolate opened its first outlet in Dubai I had to immediately make a plan to visit them.

Prague Chocolate has opened a kiosk in Egypt Court of Ibn Batuta Mall in Dubai. After reaching their kiosk inside the mall, I sampled most of their chocolates and bought all their signature ones.

The motto of Prague Chocolate ;

Chocolate that creates love and passion.

Chocolates from Czech Republic in Dubai

How did it start?

Their chocolate journey started unintentionally in 1888 when Jan Schmidt introduced a historical Czech brand Nachfolger. Unfortunately, after many years of hard work Nachfolger fell into negligence. But in 2005 the brand was brought to life by Silvie Steiner.

Silvie by her effort and passion created her own brand along with her partner Petr Kovarik. That’s how Prague Chocolate came into existence.

Their high quality chocolates are made using traditional Czech ingredients like plums, cranberries and Czech honey. Most of their chocolates are handmade and packaged according to our specifications.

They can be packaged in tins, wooden boxes, leather or paper or glass boxes. 

Here are some of the special features of Prague Chocolate:

  • High quality chocolate 
  • High quality ingredients 
  • Handmade 
  • Delicious taste
  • Luxury packaging 
  • Almonds in chocolate and different spice
  • Sugar free chocolate 
  • Luxury decorated chocolate 
  • Chocolate with 23 carat gold
  • Czech nougat from Czech honey

Some of the varieties of chocolates that I tried at Prague Chocolate are Cinnamon covered almonds, Ginger covered almonds, Chili covered spicy chocolate, Moringa covered healthy chocolate, Raisins in milk chocolate and cinnamon, Golden chocolate eggs, Dark and White  chocolates and Nougat.

All the chocolates that I tried from Prague Chocolate were fantastic, with the cinnamon covered almonds and dark chocolate decorated with 23 carat gold and dried fruits being my favorite. They also have special Dubai collection. 

Whether you are  planning to buy chocolates for yourself or your family and friends or for corporate gifts, Prague Chocolate is the perfect choice. 

For more info: Prague Chocolate LLC

You can visit them at Egypt Court, Ibn Batuta Mall-Dubai 

Handmade chocolates from Prague

Author: Meghana

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