Miyako Japanese Restaurant Reinvented 

Miyako Japanese Restaurant
Miyako the authentic Japanese restaurant who are the pioneers of Dubai’s Japanese food scene since 1987, had a complete makeover recently. Miyako has been remodeled and reopened with a brand new look. I had the pleasure of visiting them for lunch last month.

Located in the iconic Hyatt Regency Dubai in Deira, Miyako offers genuine taste of Japan in a contemporary, chic and classy atmosphere. 

Tatami room
Having already visited Miyako many times before, I was looking forward to visit the all-new-Miyako. And I must tell you, what  a huge surprise it was, as it was like visiting a completely new restaurant. It was like visiting a trendy eatery in downtown Tokyo.

Miyako’s remodeled interiors are inspired by traditional Japanese elements like paper parasols, rustic cobble stone streets, tatami weaves and Shou-Sogi-Ban, the Japanese method of preserving timber by charring it. 

Fine dining restaurant in Deira
The restaurant is divided into three different parts and one can indulge in three different kinds of dining experience. Miyako offers a private room, live Teppanyaki room and a main dining area with a sushi bar and an intimate tatami room.

It also features a full open kitchen with a Teppanyaki counter, a Yakitori grill and a cozy bar offering a wide selection of Sake and Shochu.

Miso soup
They have a menu offering regional specialities and all time classic dishes. They have a range of soups, sushi, sizzling hot meat, fish and seafood. Their menu also covers Teppanyaki set menus, hot pot dishes, Bento boxes, business lunch and desserts. Miyako is vegetarian and vegan friendly too.

We started off our lunch in true Japanese style with Pineapple Saketini cocktail and a medium body Sake that was served in a carafe with two cups to share. We were really impressed with their Sake and Shochu selection, as they really have a great variety and good selection.

Being a vegetarian, we only ordered the veg dishes.

Udon noodles

  • Steamed Edamame made a great appetizer to start our lunch.
  • Next we had the crispy and tasty veg Tempura
  • For sushi, we vegetarians have Cucumber Roll in their menu. It had outer layer of sesame seeds, a layer of seasoned rice and a filling of cucumber and avocado. It was delicious.
  • From their Teppanyaki menu, we had grilled Shitake Mushroom. It was tender and juicy.
  • As our main course, we ordered Udon Noodles with veggies and Japanese Fried Rice. Both the dishes were sumptuous.

Matcha ice cream
For desserts, we ordered the utterly delicious Green Tea Ice Cream and Mochi Ice Cream in matcha and mango flavors. 

Overall, we had a wonderful dining experience. The new Miyako looks absolutely stunning and it was such a delight to dine there. Loved the amazing food, flawless service and beautiful ambience. Maybe next time, I will visit them for dinner.

For reservations call: 04 209 6887
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