Ka’ak Al Manara-Mercato Mall

Ka'ak, Street food,fresh bread
Thanks to Ka’ak Al Manara I was recently introduced to the popular ring shaped, sesame bread from Lebanon known as Ka’ak. They are as common in Beirut as bagels in New York. I found it much tastier than the Manakish(famous Levantine bread). 

Ka’ak Al Manara is a Lebanese Canteen located in the first floor of Mercato Mall in Jumeirah. It is a frills free, canteen style kiosk with ample seating area in the food court. Ka’ak Al Manara is the first Lebanese  Ka’ak, Salad and Soup chain in the world.

The Beginning 

Ka’ak Al Manara was started by the passionate Ziyad Ayass two years ago as a Lebanese pop up street food concept at the Ripe Market . The Ripe Market is an unique shopping and dining experience that brings the local and expat community together to support local small businesses. The Ripe Market takes place every Friday at Zabeel Park during winter. Encouraged by the popularity and the long queues, Ziyad quit his Corporate job to pursue his passion. And opened the first permanent canteen style kiosk in Mercato Mall.

All about the Ka’ak 

At Ka’ak Al Manara, Ka’ak bread is freshly baked in-store daily. It is dairy free, trans-fat free, contains no oils, butter or artificial flavors. They use all natural ingredients and their Ka’ak bread is 100% suitable for vegetarians. You can have your Ka’ak plain or with various filling- savory or sweet.

My story

Nescafe coffee, Bonjus juice

After being seated, my hubby and I were served Al Manara Nescafé and the kids were offered Bonjus Juice in cute tetra packs. As a coffee snob I refused to have the instant coffee, but after hearing hubby rave about it, I decided to give it a try. And I must tell you, it was quite good actually. Never knew instant coffee could taste this good. This is the coffee straight out of the streets of Lebanon.

Mushroom soup,Pumpkin soup
Ka’ak Al Manara not only serves Ka’ak bread and sandwiches, it also offers soups and salads. We tried two of their soups-Mushroom and Pumpkin. They were refreshing.

Quinoa Salad,Vegetarian
The salad of the day was Quinoa Tabbouleh with balsamic molasses vinaigrette. We loved the unique sweet and tangy dressing in the Quinoa Tabbouleh. 

Their salads and soups change every day like a deli. So whichever day you go, you are sure to have something new.

Lebanese style sandwich
This is how Ka’ak bread looks
 They have a good variety of Ka’ak, from original to speciality and sweet. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here’s a list of what we had:

Labneh-Traditional creamy yogurt topped with veggies and virgin olive oil.

Akawi Cheese-It had melted Akawi cheese with Zaatar that was topped with black seeds.

Halloumi Cheese-Toasted Halloumi cheese topped with sumac and veggies.

Zaatar-Traditional paste of thyme,sesame and olive oil with vegetables.

Each and every Ka’ak sandwich was unique, tasty and delicious in it’s own way.

For dessert, we had their two signature sweet Ka’ak:

Nutella Halawa- Nutella and Halawa spread mix.

Knafeh-Rich Arabic cheese pie with sweet sugar syrup.

Both the desserts were gob smackingly good. Can’t tell you how delicious they were, you have to try it to believe it.

Ka’ak Al Manara also has meal combos and party boxes. They do deliveries too. Can’t wait to go back again. 

For delivery or more info call: 04 258 2003
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