The Stuffed Burger Co-Umm Suqeim 

The Stuffed Burger Co.
In the first week of May ‘The Stuffed Burger Co. ‘ opened in Dubai. For the first time in Dubai, a restaurant dedicated to serving stuffed burgers opened. I was invited to the exclusive launch, but sadly I couldn’t make it as I had some other commitment. 

Recently, I was invited to dine at The Stuffed Burger Co. by the owner Mr.Mohamed Zakout. I grabbed my two kids and landed at the The Stuffed Burger Co. on an early Sunday evening to check out the latest burger joint in town.

Located in the hip and happening Jumeirah Road, The Stuffed Burger Co. has indoor and outdoor seating area. It is a casual dining spot with cosy and comfortable atmosphere. We liked the modern and minimalistic decor. 

Veggie burger
About The Stuffed Burger Co.

The Stuffed Burger Co. specializes in making stuffed burgers. They offer carefully crafted burgers, blending delicious fillings into their burger patties with the best sourced ingredients. You can expect innovative burgers that have a perfect blend of freshness and juiciness.

The Stuffed Burger Co. uses only the freshest ingredients. Everything is handmade and prepared daily, in-store. They serve freshly baked potato buns, that are tastier than the regular buns and also fluffier in texture. They use free range chicken and pure beef ground meat in their patties.

The Menu

The Stuffed Burger Co. offers 5 signature stuffed burgers, charbroiled burgers and a veggie burger. The menu also offers chicken wings(6 flavors), sliders, onion rings, fried jalapeño poppers and their signature loaded fries. They serve some really amazing shakes and lotus & white chocolate cake for dessert.

Our Story 

The kids were more excited than me; then again which kid does not like a burger joint? We immediately liked the cool place. The kids loved the latest radio hits that were playing in the background.  We chose the table near the window and ordered our drinks.


Lotus Milkshake,S'mores Milkshake

Lotus Milkshake was sinfully delicious, if you are a lotus biscoff lover; make sure you order this at The Stuffed Burger Co.

S’mores Milkshake was lip smackingly delicious. It was rich and creamy. A definite must-try, if you ask me.

Freshly brewed iced tea is a good option to all those who want to have a lighter drink that is not heavy or laden with calories. They also have an option of Lemon iced tea.



Fries- We had to ditch the option of loaded fries as it contained bacon. Instead we opted for the fries. We were offered  3 varieties-Regular, seasoned or spicy and cheese fries. The regular ones were the usual fries that we get in all the burger joints where as the seasoned fries was extremely good. It was mildly spicy and well seasoned. The Parmesan cheese fries was good too, but it could’ve been better. 

Burger Meal
Fried Jalapeño Poppers was okay, not extraordinary.  It was the kind that we get in all the American burger joints in Dubai.

Onion Rings was a bit oily, nevertheless it tasted good.

Garden Burger is the only veggie burger available in their menu. It had a vegetable Patty, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato topped with cheese with their special sauce. Not only me, even the kids liked this burger. We liked the fact that it was not very heavy and we were able to finish it. 

I would like to request The Stuffed Burger Co. to add couple more vegetarian burgers in their menu. 


Lotus Biscoff, Sponge cake

Lotus & White Chocolate Cake was heavenly. You need to forget about the calories. It had layers of spongy cake topped with decadent cream and garnished with crumbled lotus biscoff. If you like your dessert very sweet, then you will definitely like this cake. 


We had a wonderful experience. We liked the food, the service and the ambience. Again, I would like to request them to add couple more veggie burgers in their menu. Maybe a stuffed veggie burger with sriracha sauce.

Telephone: 04 2759091

Delivery Hotline: 600 54 55 41

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