Summer Ready with Nutridiet 

Nutridiet is Sweden’s top brand of weight loss shakes and recently they have also launched two new flavors of soups. Nutridiet is the most sold meal replacement product in the UAE. It can be used either to lose weight or to maintain your weight loss. Nutridiet helps you lose weight by reducing your calorie intake.

Whenever I come across any weight loss product, the first and foremost thing that comes to my mind is the question ‘Is it safe?’

Here’s an answer to that question:

Nutridiet is a soy protein based weight loss diet, it contains the nutrients you need, but has a low amount of calories-only about 120 calories in one serving. When replacing all or some of your meals with Nutridiet, you can lose weight safely and easily.

Weight loss product
Instead of eating a normal meal, you take a Nutridiet shake or soup. Each shake/soup is low on calories, but packed with soy protein and soy fiber as well as all the minerals and vitamins your body needs to sustain itself during dieting.

Nutridiet is one of the best documented dieting products in the world. Nutridiet was first established in 1989. Since then over 20 clinical studies have been performed on Nutridiet and these studies have proven that Nutridiet is guaranteed to give quick weight loss when used as instructed. Nutridiet has also proven to be effective in improving condition such as Diabetes type 2, Cardiovascular Disease, Arthritis, Asthma and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Nutridiet Shakes
I never write a review without using a product. Being a food blogger it is very difficult to go on a diet as I have restaurant reviews almost every day. I did try the Nutridiet shake for a week, as a replacement to my breakfast. Not only did it taste great, it was wholesome, nutritious and tasty. And I also lost the extra 1 kilo I had gained binging on Iftar desserts. The shakes come in 4 delicious flavors- strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and forest fruit.

Nutridiet Vegetable flavored soup
I gifted my close friend who has been having weight issues and wanted to lose weight from a long time with 2 boxes of vegetable flavored soup to replace meals for quick weight loss. The soup comes in 2 flavors- chicken and vegetable. 

The box contains 15 sachets, 1 sachet is equal to one meal. My friend replaced her lunch and dinner with Nutridiet and in two weeks she has knocked off few kilos. She looks great and already shopped for new outfits to wear on her summer holiday to an exotic destination.

Nutridiet facts and benefits:

Completely safe with no major side effects.

Reduces your hunger cravings.

Improves blood levels in individuals with Diabetes, High Cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Helps you lose fat and not muscle mass.

Helps you sustain your weight loss after your diet.

Tastes great and super easy to use.

Nutridiet soups and shakes is available in leading nutrition outlets including Holland & Barrett and Docib & Good Health. They can also be purchased on their website.

Nutridiet has 3 simple Programs to choose from:

1 Quick Weight Loss Program 

2 Moderate Weight Loss Program 

3 Weight Maintenance Program 

You can choose the program which suits you best.

To learn more and purchase Nutridiet meals or meal plans visit their website

Author: Meghana

I live in Dubai. I am passionate about traveling, food, reading, theatre, art, music, fashion, writing, tennis and photography. I love to explore new places, whether it is a country, restaurant, art gallery or a play. This blog will mostly cover food, lifestyle, travel and books. Come join me in my will enjoy the ride!

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