Desi Brunch At Patiala By Kunal Kapur

Patiala by Kunal Kapur launched their Desi brunch on April 9th in true Bollywood style with glamour, food,drinks and Bollywood beats. I was  invited to this Bollywood inspired Saturday brunch. So along with a friend I headed over to Patiala by Kunal Kapur to party in desi style.

Located at the beautiful Souk Al Bahar, Patiala by Kunal Kapur is fronted by the celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. Patiala by Kunal Kapur is a fine dining restaurant offering North Indian cuisine. They offer traditional Indian food as well Indian food with contemporary twist.

The decor of the restaurant is chic and modern. The restaurant has a lounge bar and a separate main dining area with an open kitchen. The setting of the restaurant is gorgeous- from the furniture, tableware to upholstery and lightning. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly.

What is Desi Brunch?

Desi means land/country. It is a term used to describe culture, tradition, food and products of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia. 

Desi brunch happens every Saturday at Patiala by Kunal Kapur from 12pm to 4 pm. 

What can you expect from Desi Brunch?

Saturday brunch in true desi style-filled with exotic Indian cuisine, flowing drinks and non-stop music by the resident DJ. The drinks, appetizers and desserts are brought to your table. The live buffet counter will offer salads with accompaniments and dressings and also the main course. 

Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, you will have great options. They have options for soft beverages as well as house beverages.

Here’s a list of what we had!

Both my friend and I opted for the veg menu. I had the house beverage package and my friend went in for the soft beverage package.

Drink station at the bar

We were served their signature mocktails and cocktails from their bar to our table. Some of the drinks we tried were the Gol Gappa Shots, Weekend Power Boosters  and  Shots in Punch Bowls

Our favorite was the Gol Gappa Shots– we liked both the alcoholic and non alcoholic version. It was such a delight to have a spiced vodka shot inside a crispy shell.

The other mocktails and cocktails weren’t that great. The variety was limited. The staff didn’t have much knowledge about the drinks.



Crispy Baby Potatoes- we started of with the tasty and crispy baby potatoes that came in a skewer. It was topped with two kinds of sauce.

Stuffed Okra- Delicately spiced okra was crispy and crunchy.

Dahi Ke Kebab- Fresh curd cheese mixed with browned onions and coriander was delicately breaded and fried. It had a melt-in-the-mouth goodness to it.

Desi Sliders-This desi version of the slider was lip smackingly delicious. It was so delicious that I had to request them for a second helping.

Mushroom Khitchra scented with Truffle oil- It is was one of the outstanding dishes we had at the brunch. It seemed like an Indian take on the Italian Risotto. 

Salad Station 


The salad station had Hummus, Labneh, Babaghanoush, Sweet Potato Chaat, Mango Kachumber Salad, Marinated Radish with Strawberries & Gooseberries Salad and Goat Cheese and Pomegranate Salad with Roasted Pumpkin. Each and everything from this station was fresh, flavorful and utterly delicious.


Biryani Rice was perfectly cooked and we had it with the yogurt raita.

Desi Quesadilla was another winner. It was a good mix between Indian flavor and Mexican taste.


We were also served couple of dishes from a la carte menu- Pav Bhajji and Channa Bhatura. Both the dishes were excellent.

The salads, the appetizers and the main course were fantastic. We couldn’t find any fault in any of the dishes that we tried. 

After having such amazing food, we couldn’t wait for the dessert to be served. 



Cardamom Kulfi was made with freshly ground cardamom mixed with milk and frozen. It tasted heavenly.

Rice Kheer with Peaches was another great dessert. It was not too sweet and the peaches added extra zing to the kheer.

Caramelized Bananas comes highly recommended by me. It was absolutely divine, both my friend and I loved it. Though we were full, we still went for a second helping.

 Shrikhand is one of the Indian dessert which I  don’t like. It’s just me, but I am sure, there are many big fans of this dessert. There was a twist to this traditional dessert by adding slices of fresh tart green apples. I didn’t try it, but  it looked great. 

Overall, we had a wonderful experience. Desi brunch is a perfect event to add to your weekend calendar. 

Desi Brunch-Every Saturday 

Timings- 12pm to 4pm

Reservations are recommended.

Phone-04 4519151

AED 250 per person(inclusive of food and soft beverages)

AED 350 per person(inclusive of food and house beverages)

Patiala By Kunal Kapur Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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