Domori- Fine Italian Chocolate 

On February 19th I was invited to an unique chocolate tasting session at Eataly Italian restaurant at The Dubai Mall. Eataly is an authentic Italian restaurant and it also has a huge retail section where it retails authentic Italian food products. It also retails one of the finest Italian chocolate- Domori! 

I am glad I went to this tasting session as I discovered one of the fantastic chocolate which I had never tried before. Domori is the first company in the world to use exclusively fine cocoa beans. They were the first to produce a chocolate from Criollo cocoa.

Criollo is an extra fine and pure cocoa bean. The Criollo is grown with care, with great focus placed on protecting the natural flavor of cocoa beans. Aroma, roundness, purity and persistence are the foundations of Domori. So what you get is a high quality chocolate with natural flavor.

Domori has many firsts to it’s credit. They were the first to create a 100% cocoa bar. They were the first to re-use an ancient and simple formula using only cocoa paste and cane sugar without butter,vanilla or lecithin. They were the first to create a chocolate tasting code for discovering the infinite nuances of cocoa.

Domori’s cocoa beans comes from South America. Infact, they also own their cocoa plantations in Venezuela.

Domori believes in restoring the diversity of cocoa in a way that is respectful of the environment. They have an unique approach to their chocolate- by selecting and roasting cocoa carefully in small batches, processing it as little as possible. They perform some of the operations by hand and not by machine. Domori uses no vanilla in their chocolate, as they believe vanilla masks some of the flavor. 

I also got to sample some of their chocolates like Biancomenta, Sur Del Lago, Cappuccino, Sambirano and Gianduja.

Biancomenta- I have always had mint flavor with dark chocolate. For the first time I tried it in a milk chocolate. It was soft and had bits of  mint leaves. I liked it instantly.

Sur Del Lago- Though it is a dark chocolate, it is not very bitter. It had notes of almonds and coffee. It was delicate and had a fresh aroma. A definite must-try for all the dark chocolate lovers.

Cappuccino- After eating this chocolate I felt like I had a refreshing cup of Italian coffee. I loved the aroma and the taste. It was like coffee transformed into a bar of chocolate.

Sambirano- is a dark bittersweet chocolate with a hint of raspberries, cashews, pepper and cinnamon. It has an intense aroma and tasted extremely delicious. Sambirano is my favorite amongst all the other Domori chocolates that I tried.

Gianduja- The perfect synergy of hazelnut paste and cocoa. It was excellent in taste, flavor and aroma.

It was an informative tasting session, not only did I get to try delectable chocolates, I also discovered the characteristics of high quality chocolates and gained insight about cocoa.

Domori chocolates are sold in the retail section of Eataly restaurant in The Dubai Mall.

For more information visit their website:


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