Ananta: The Oberoi- Royal Cuisine of Awadh, Hyderabad and Rajasthan 

Ananta is a fine dining Indian restaurant, it is located at The Oberoi Hotel in Business Bay.

Ananta recently unveiled a new concept, Royal cuisine of Awadh, Hyderabad and Rajasthan. The menu is created and designed by the talented, young Chef Dirham Haque. The new concept is brought to Dubai for the very first time.

The philosophy at Ananta is to create culinary delights inspired by age old classic recipes, cooking techniques, whilst incorporating the rich cultural heritage of the Royal courts of the Nizams of Hyderabad, Nawabs of Lucknow and the Maharajas of Rajasthan. The experience will transform diners back to being amongst the elegant Royal courts of the medieval period where specialized chefs namely; Aamras of Hyderabad, Rakaabdaars of Awadh and Khansamas of Rajasthan were invited to cook hundreds of exquisite dishes for the Royals. These recipes were very secretive and were passed on to their families for centuries. The cuisine is an amalgamation of extraordinary recipes that incorporate the finest and rarest spices and ingredients which are used to evolve dishes into gastronomic wonders.

On a Thursday evening, hubby and I, visited Ananta for dinner. It was our first time at Ananta. What took us by surprise was the minimal and elegant decor, very unlike most of the Indian restaurants. Our experience was enhanced by the paintings of Royal courts by Raja Ravi Verma that adorned the walls of Ananta. The setting of the restaurant is excellent. It is a blend of simplicity, sophistication and class.

Ananta has introduced a new menu. They have A la carte as well as set menu. The menu is simple and detailed. The food menu is divided into three parts consisting of three regions: Awadh, Hyderabad and Rajasthan. Their beverage menu consists of the best of the wines and whiskey. They also offer fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, mocktails, cocktails and other hard drinks.

We went in for the vegetarian set menu. The menu offers great variety for both non vegetarians as well as vegetarians. Our appetizers were the first to arrive. It was a platter of three different kebabs.

Palak aur anjeer ke Kebab- It is a kebab made with spinach and Channa dal spiced with fresh figs, blades of mace and saffron.

Dudi sharkara Kebab- This kebab had cottage cheese stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes and nuts.

Bhuttey aur Pithor ke Kebab- sweet corn mixed with a medley of Indian spices and gram flour and grilled to perfection.

We liked all the three kebabs. They were delicious, flavorful and had the melt in the mouth goodness. 

Next to arrive was the main course. We were served Amrut aur tarbuz ki subzi, Bharwan Gucchi, Gulab Jamun aur Papad ka saag, a variety of Indian breads and Biryani.

Amrut aur tarbuz ki sabzi- It is a speciality of Awadh cuisine. Ripe guavas and fresh watermelon cooked with dry ginger and turmeric. It is an unique dish and it was cooked to perfection.

Bharwan Gucchi- Morels( type of mushroom) filled with cream and green herbs, tossed with spring onions and finished on dum. We had this dish for the very first time and we loved it. It was rich, creamy and delicious. 

Gulab Jamun aur Papad ka saag- It is a speciality of the Rajasthan cuisine. Cottage cheese and papad is simmered in a rich onion and tomato gravy. This dish was light, crunchy and tasty. 

Roti (bread)- we had Taftan, Bina pani ki roti and Warqui Parantha with our curries and vegetables.

Taftan- It is made with refined flour and milk and seasoned with nuts. It tastes as Royal as it looks.

Bina Pani ki roti- I was delighted to have this roti, there was not a single drop of water used in making this roti. This roti was made with whole wheat flour,ghee and milk. It was soft, light and fresh. 

Warqui Parantha- It is a multi layered bread, baked in clay tandoor. It was flavored with ajwain. 

Next to make a Royal entry on our table was Dum turshi subz biryani or the vegetable biryani with burrani raita. The vegetable biryani was made with basmati rice, vegetables and spices cooked in dum style and comes in a sealed Handi with dried fruits. The biryani was bursting with flavors. The taste, flavor and aroma was excellent.

The burrani raita, that is the garlic flavored raita was the perfect accompaniment to biryani.

A Royal meal cannot be complete without Meetha or dessert. Our dessert platter had Shahi Tukda, pista kulfi and Rangeenak Zalebia.

All the three desserts were freshly made from scratch and tasted rich, authentic and delicious. 

We had a Royal dining experience, it took us back to majestic era. Our taste buds went on a Royal culinary journey. The food in Ananta is rich, delicious, authentic, traditional and exotic. All their dishes are made using high quality ingredients. 

The service is top notch, the ambience is beautiful and the food is excellent. Come take a Royal culinary journey befitting  a king/queen via Ananta. 

Ananta is open six days a week for lunch and dinner from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and 7:00pm to 11:30pm and only for dinner on Saturdays from 7:00pm to 11:30pm.

For reservations please contact- +97144441407 or email

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