Vegetarian Fusion at it’s best- It’s Fussion by Maharaja Bhog

It’s Fussion is a multi cuisine restaurant. They offer global cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and continental. They infuse creative twist to the food they offer and hence the name It’s Fussion. 

It’s Fussion serves only vegetarian food. It is the venture of Maharaja Bhog, the popular Thali restaurant in India and abroad.

My friend Anita and I decided to go to It’s Fussion for lunch on Monday. It is conveniently located and easily accessible. They are located next to Ansar gallery in Karama.

I have to make a confession first, before I review the place. I have always been suspicious of restaurants serving various types of cuisine under one roof, I feel that when they serve so many  types of cuisine, they don’t specialize in one cuisine and the food  served there tends to be mediocre. 

It was our first visit to It’s Fussion and after being welcomed warmly, We chose a Cosy corner to sit.

It’s Fussion is a spacious restaurant with comfortable seating and bright lighting. The walls are painted in hues of pink and white. The decor is simple and welcoming. 

One thing that both, Anita and I noticed was that, though it was a weekday afternoon, the place was full. It seemed like a popular restaurant and we couldn’t wait to try their food and find out to ourselves, whether the place was worth the hype.

We were told that every afternoon, they serve lunch buffet and there is also A La Carte menu. We decided to have the lunch buffet and we were also offered some of their signature dishes from the A la Carte menu. Their lunch buffet changes every day.

We started off with our drinks. Anita had a strawberry based mocktail and I had a cucumber and mint mocktail. Both our drinks were excellent.

After that we went to check their buffet station. They had soup with variety of bread. They had a good variety of salads, starters, main course, live tacos and nachos counter, live pasta station and dessert counter. The variety was amazing.

We had the Mulligatawny soup. It was good. After that we had the salads. The salads were fresh and crunchy, just the way we like.


After that they served us Teriyaki Tofu, Chargrilled Malai Broccoli, Zatar Pizza and grilled veggie Quesadillas from the A la Carte menu. All of them were outstanding, especially the teriyaki tofu, Malai Broccoli and Zatar pizza. The quesadilla was also good, but it was the regular kind, which you get everywhere.

It was time again to hit the buffet station. We had pani puri with watermelon juice. This was the first time ever that we tried pani puri with watermelon juice. It was awesome, I would love to recommend it to everyone. 

We tried the freshly made tacos from the live taco counter. We also had pasta with white sauce and veggies from the live counter. Both were good.

There were many dishes at the buffet station. But some of our favourites were baked potato skins, cottage cheese black pepper, chilly garlic noodles, tava se sabzi khazana and masala bhaat. Even the other dishes were good. But the specially mentioned ones were extremely good.

They had a wide range of sweets in their dessert counter. The Chowli Dal halwa was divine. It was delicious and perfectly made.

There was mango mousse, orange pudding, coffee walnut gateaux and vanilla tart.

They got us their signature dessert, Gulab Jamun Baked Cheese Cake. We were a bit hesitant to try this dessert as it was a very unusual  combination. We compliment the chef on this creative and tasty combination. It was superb. Again, I would want to recommend this dessert to everyone.

I definitely change my opinion on multi cuisine restaurants. It’s Fussion gets it right, with it’s innovative and creative fusion with vegetarian twist to the global cuisine.

The service was top notch, the quality and the taste of food was excellent. The portion size is big. The pricing is very reasonable.

The lunch buffet is priced:

Weekdays- 45 Dhs per person 

Weekends- 59 Dhs per person

A La Carte menu also available during lunch time.

We had a wonderful dining experience at It’s Fussion. I would like to recommend it to both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. It’s Fussion is the place for the very best vegetarian creations.

Disclaimer- I was an invited guest at It’s Fussion. But my reviews and opinions are honest and unbiased.
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