Memoirs Of A Geisha

This is the book of the month for June.Memoirs of a Geisha is a timeless tale and a must-have in everybody’s book collection.The first time I read this book,I fell in love with it and bought it for my personal book collection.

Memoirs of a Geisha is a novel written by American author Arthur Golden and published in 1997.The book tells us about the fictional biography of a Geisha,before and after the Second World War.

Memoirs of a Geisha was also made into a movie in 2005.It was a film adaptation of the novel.I have also seen the movie,it is very well-made.But can’t be compared to the book.The movie doesn’t cover all aspects of the book and I suggest you to read the book.


Memoirs of a Geisha is a kind of book where it transports it’s readers to another time,another place,another culture and people.You really feel you are there in that another place and you are experiencing all that is happening in the book.Believe me,it is going to be a fascinating experience and you will be completely engrossed in it.

As the title suggests,it is based on the lives of Geisha in 20th century Japan.It gives us a picture of the position of women in Japanese society.It also gives you a glimpse of art,tradition and culture in Japan around that time.After reading this book,I became fascinated with Japan and have marked it,in my must-visit countries.

The narrator Sayuri’s Memoirs is truly engrossing,gripping and beautiful.This is one book which you would love to read continuesly without a break.No wonder,it was a literary sensation and runaway bestseller.Be a part of Sayuri’s journey filled with dreams and doubts,happiness and sufferings,loss and love.I definitely recommend this wonderful read.


Author: Meghana

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  1. I just rad ur blog .its really veryimpressive.and I felt like must read this book memories of geisha.its ince to b in touch with you. Will definitely try n read this book.thx for joining

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