Discover the Taste of Korea at Hanok The Korean Restaurant

Hanok The Korean Restaurant Dubai

I can count the times I’ve had Korean cuisine in my life. I admit it has only been a few times and love the harmonious balance of texture, flavor, color and taste of the authentic Korean food. Yesterday I visited Hanok The Korean Restaurant for lunch and had a delightful experience.

Hanok The Korean Restaurant is celebrating over 17 years of offering the finest Korean and Japanese cuisine. They are located in Dubai International City.

Korean Cuisine

The restaurant is spacious with various kinds of seating arrangements. My favorite was the traditional Korean style seating. The venue is filled with Korean paraphernalia. Loved the serene and sublime vibe.

After being seated, we ordered a pot of Green Tea. Their menu offers wide range of options and they also serve Japanese food. I am happy to report that Hanok is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Korean Food

We started off with Banchan and it is the traditional assorted Korean sides served as a part of every Korean meal. What a flavorful way to start a meal!

Next we had the savory and delicious Korean Vegetable & Spring Onion Pancake. It is great to have as a snack, an appetizer or a light meal.

The spicy Tteokbokki packed a flavorsome punch. Tteokbokki is one of the most well known dishes from Korea. It has stir fried rice cakes in hot chili sauce with fish cakes and egg. Vegetarian option is available.


How can we visit a Korean restaurant and not order Bibimbap? It is a rice bowl topped with fresh veggies, meat, egg and gochujang(hot chili paste). Fun fact- Bibim means mixing various ingredients and Bap means rice. The Bibimbap at Hanok was comfort in a bowl.

We ended our lunch with dessert. Bingsu is crunchy shaved ice topped with sweet red beans. Their Bingsu was refreshing and super tasty.

Our dining experience at Hanok took us on a flavor-rich culinary journey to Korea. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere and the hospitality was fabulous. Celebrate the authenticity of Korean cuisine at Hanok and you will not be disappointed.

Phone: 04 558 8962

Website: http://www.Korean

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