That Place- A Unique Bun Concept Cafe in Dubai

That Place Karama

When it comes to eclectic food concepts, Dubai offers a plethora of choices. Few days ago we decided to try the recently opened That Place, a homegrown cafe which offers stuffed buns. This unique bun concept cafe not only serves stuffed buns, they also serve flatbreads, different kinds of fries and pastas.

Located in the bustling lane of Karama, That Place is a cute and cosy little cafe with bright white interiors and floral wallpaper. It is the kind of cafe where Instagram hipsters will be happy clicking those perfect shots.

All their buns are wheat based and baked in-house. They offer ten different types of buns and their buns are a fusion of Indian, Italian, Lebanese and Mexican cuisines. Whatever is your flavor, they have a bun for you.

That Place Dubai

We started off with a glass of Strawberry Mojito, it was not our original choice as both the drinks Grapefruit Mojito and Cucumber Mint Smoothie that we wanted to have were unavailable.

As our appetizer we ordered Tun Tun Fries. It had a comforting and unusual combination of curry Maggi noodles topped with fries and creamy cheese. Big thumbs up to this simple yet tasty dish.

Next we tried their Italian-inspired Mushroom Dancers and the Indian-inspired Paneer Makhani Got Bun. Both the buns were different in taste and flavor. We loved the Italian one as the flavor was on point and it just melted in our mouth. We didn’t like the paneer bun as it was bland and tasteless.

Stuffed bun

The main highlight of our visit was the Cheese Bomb Vada Pav Bun. This delicious bomb of a bun took our taste buds on an amazing and super flavorful journey. A must-try.

We ended our meal with their dessert bun Banana Crunch. It was not too sweet nor too heavy either. Those who like bananas will like this dessert.

Overall, we had a good experience. If baked buns are your thing, then you’ll definitely like That Place. The pricing is reasonable and affordable.

Phone: 04 526 0026

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