Boutique Dining Experience at Walnut Grove- City Walk Dubai

Walnut Grove Dubai

If you’re a regular visitor to City Walk Dubai like me, you would have definitely heard of Walnut Grove, one of the most popular cafes there. It is a boutique dining concept from South Africa. I had passed by the cafe so many times with the promise of visiting soon and finally on this Sunday I had lunch there.

The interiors of Walnut Grove is stunning, sophisticated and stylish. The copper details adds a lovely touch to the boutique dining experience. We liked the family friendly vibe of the venue.

The day we visited the cafe was a public holiday and it was packed. What was commendable was the service which was swift.

The concept of the cafe according to team Walnut Grove:

We are known as the exciting, interactive family-oriented concept. With vivid and inventive cuisine, welcoming staff and family values, we bring rustic yet authentic boutique dining experience.

Walnut Grove’s menu features an array of culinary delights, both savory and sweet. Their menu for vegetarians is limited. They also have an open bakery section which offers some of the best baked goodies in town.

Fresh juice bar

We started on a healthy note and ordered Hello Sunshine, a refreshing and nutritious drink from their fresh juice bar.

Moving on to the food, we were very tempted to order from their all-day-breakfast menu. But left it for the next time and ordered from their lunch/dinner menu.


Halloumi Fries

Pistachio Falafels sounded unique so we ordered it. Tiny, round pistachio and herb falafels were served with herbed basil mayo dipping sauce. The delightfully green pistachio falafels were healthy, crisp and moist.

Next we had their famous Halloumi Fries. Thin halloumi fingers deep fried and topped with pomegranate, mint, sriracha mayo was delicious and very addictive. A must-try.


Walnut Grove’s salads that are served in large wooden bowls are very popular. And we ordered their signature Casablanca Salad. It had a medley of veggies with grilled halloumi cheese, avocado, mixed greens, pomegranate toasted nuts and seeds with a pomegranate infused balsamic dressing. The Casablanca Salad was hearty, tasty and wholesome.


Vegetarian harvest sandwich

From their gourmet sandwich section we ordered the Vegetarian Harvest Sandwich that was served with a side of seasoned chips. It was a delicious and flavorful open sandwich.

Balsamic Grilled Vegetable Kebabs was the other main dish we ordered. It had skewered veggies and halloumi cheese glazed with aged balsamic reduction and served on a bed of savory couscous with basil and herb mayo. You get to choose a side of your choice and we chose chips. It is a good option for vegetarians from their grill.

Dessert & Coffee

Peanut butter cake

To satisfy our sweet cravings, we went over to their cake display and ordered a slice of Peanut Butter Cake which was super moist, rich and utterly amazing. A perfect cake for a peanut butter lover.

Ended our lunch with their artisan Coffee which was made using their own signature coffee blend. It was served with a cute little red velvet mini cupcake.


We are wondering what took us so long to visit Walnut Grove! Our lunch experience was terrific. The drinks, the food, the service and the atmosphere was outstanding.

Phone: 04 344 4441
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