Contemporary Far Eastern Flavors at Asia Tang

Asia Tang Restaurant

I have always been a fan of Far Eastern cuisine and I do have couple of favorite places in the city which I keep going back, whenever I am in a mood for Far Eastern food. While I was exploring a new mall, I came across Asia Tang, a brand new contemporary Asian restaurant. Though it is new, the restaurant was packed. I thought why not give it a try and entered the busy restaurant.

The minute we entered, we felt like we were in an Asian bistro in the backstreets of a Far Eastern country. After we were ushered in, we immediately delved into their elaborate menu.

Asia Tang Dubai

Location & Ambience

Asia Tang is located inside The Springs Souk. The European bistro inspired interiors look very chic and inviting. Loved the colorful and beautiful mural on the wall. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

The Concept of Asia Tang

Asia Tang celebrates the fresh and vibrant flavors of Asian cuisine, in a bright and welcoming space that evokes the sophistication of the European bistro.

Chef Nigel, Aung and Lee developed the menu to blend Asian flavors in a contemporary and unique manner so we can bring to your table not only exciting flavors but an experience of the senses.

Our Experience

Rice crackers

When we were going through their menu, we were served complimentary Rice Crackers and Dip. After that we ordered 3 of their refreshing mocktails- Kyoto, Oriental Breeze and Shanghai Splash.

Asia Tang’s menu is so vast, that we were spoilt for choice. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, non vegetarian, health food fantastic or seafood lover; their menu has everything covered. Being a vegetarian, we ordered only veg dishes.


Modern Asian cuisine

We started off with Asia Tang Curry Laska soup. It was a spicy, tasty and flavorful Malaysian coconut based curry noodle soup. Next we ordered their Veg Dim Sum which had forest mushroom, edamame and truffle. It was so delicious that we felt like ordering more.

Restaurants in Emirates Hill

From their healthy specials, we ordered Quinoa & Avocado Salad, Edamame, Shiitake & Water chestnut in soy mayonnaise and Kang Kang, Onion, Shiitake Mushroom & Black bean. All the 3 dishes were vegan and gluten free. Not only were these dishes nutritious, they were delicious and full of fresh flavors.

For our main course, we ordered Asia Tang Signature Fried Rice, Hakka Noodles and Stir Fried Vegetables in peanut sauce. The fried rice and noodles were good but not extraordinary, you can find it in any other Asian restaurant. The stir fried vegetables in peanut sauce was amazing.


A meal cannot be complete without desserts and we ordered two of their indulgent treats- Pandan Crème Brûlée with young coconut gel and 3 flavors of Mochi ice cream. Both the desserts were fantastic. We ended our dinner with a relaxing pot of Peach & Pear Tea.

Final Thoughts

We absolutely loved our dining experience at Asia Tang. Their menu, variety, presentation and taste of food and drinks was fabulous. The great food is complemented by impeccable service and lovely atmosphere.

Phone: 04 241 3777


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