Historical and Cultural tour of Old Dubai and Jumeirah Mosque

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

I love to travel, nothing can be as good as traveling. I don’t care about diamonds or branded stuff, travel is all that matters to me.I still have a month to go on a new adventure in a new city in a different country, but that didn’t put a stop on my wanderlust.

I decided to travel locally, it was time to rediscover the city in which I live. Dubai has been my home for 15 years and what a joy it was to become a tourist in my own city and soak up the history and culture.

Abra water taxi

Yes, I did something different, booked a trip with Wander with Nada, a unique tour company which is founded by Nada Badran, a passionate traveler, a culture vulture and a huge lover of Dubai city.

Don’t expect a stereotypical or regular tour while wandering with Nada. Hear what Nada has to say about her tour:

There’s a certain stereotype about tour guides that makes people think twice before booking one. They can be boring, take you to the typical sights and run on a strict schedule preventing you from wandering off and exploring by yourself.

I’m interested in sharing the really interesting stuff that few tell you about, why Dubai is Dubai. The real stories behind all the awesome sights you see during your tour. Wandering with Nada is about exploring a different Dubai where you’ll hear some history and contemporary tidbits, having a charming adventure and making a local friend.

Jumeirah Mosque

Wandering with Nada offers different kinds of tours, I went on Dubai Old City and Jumeirah Mosque tour. This tour is limited to 12 people to ensure that everyone has a great time and interactive experience.

The tour started at 10:00 in the morning where I met Nada and other tourists at Jumeirah Mosque. Inside the mosque we learnt about the many aspects of the Islamic religion and the significance of the holy month of Ramadan.

Women’s Museum Dubai

After our mosque visit, we went by road to old Dubai and our first stop there was Women’s Museum– a place to discover UAE society through the lives of women, past and present. The museum highlights the various roles played by women of the UAE.

Dubai Gold Souk

From the museum, it was a walking tour in the bustling streets of old Dubai. We passed by the famous Gold, Spice and Textile Souk. These souks are the traditional markets that were the trading centre of Dubai back in the day.

Dubai Spice Souk

Real shopping or window shopping these souks must be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting Dubai as it offers a unique perspective of the city. These souks are a great place for souvenir hunting too.

Dubai Textile Market

We also got to hop on to the Abra boat and cross over to the other side of Dubai to do a bit more of exploring. Our last stop was the Coffee Museum in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.

Dubai Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum is a private museum that is housed in a historic Emirati home. We learnt about the coffee culture in UAE and also tried the local coffee with dates. A good place to visit for all coffee lovers.

Bur Dubai

We were dropped off at Al Fahidi Metro Station which is just around the corner. So it was convenient to get back to our destination of choice. The tour got over at 2 in the noon. During non Ramadan time, a visit to a local restaurant is also included.

It was a fantastic tour, I loved every minute of it. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, Nada’s tour is a wonderful way to discover the amazing city of Dubai.

Dubai sightseeing

To book a tour:

Email: info@wanderwithnada.com

Call: +971 50 342 6669

You can also direct message on @wanderwithnada on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Wander with Nada is also on TripAdvisor!

Author: Meghana

I live in Dubai. I am passionate about traveling, food, reading, theatre, art, music, fashion, writing, tennis and photography. I love to explore new places, whether it is a country, restaurant, art gallery or a play. This blog will mostly cover food, lifestyle, travel and books. Come join me in my journey...you will enjoy the ride!

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