Villa Beirut- Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese food

Dubai has no dearth of Lebanese restaurants, and there is one Lebanese restaurant that I really liked- Villa Beirut. This restaurant is housed in a charming two storied villa in Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah.

Open from morning to late in the night, Villa Beirut offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have Shisha on top floor. For authentic Lebanese cuisine, Villa Beirut is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Concept of Villa Beirut

Welcome to Villa Beirut where we offer age-old tradition and timeless recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Started in the 1940’s in an old Lebanese house in the outskirts of Beirut, Lebanon by Dalia and her family, today Villa Beirut has many outlets in Lebanon and UAE. You can expect traditional and authentic Lebanese food in a beautiful homelike setting.

Villa Beirut

The restaurant is spacious with indoor and outdoor seating area. As we don’t do shisha, we sat in the ground floor of the restaurant. The decor is very pretty with simple furniture and gorgeous tableware. It has an inviting and friendly vibe.

Arabic Bread

We ordered fresh Watermelon Juice and Orange Juice to drink. While we were sipping on our juice, we were offered complimentary basket of freshly baked Bread and a small bowl of Olives.

Their menu offers a good variety of dishes, here’s a list of all the dishes that we ordered:

Beetroot hummus

  • We started with salads and cold mezze. The Fattouch was crunchy and the Beetroot Salad was light and tasty.
  • Al Raheb that had roasted eggplant mixed with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions had a smoky flavor and tasted great.
  • Moutabal the classic eggplant dip went well with the warm pita bread.
  • Hummus Chmandar was fantastic, it had beetroot and chickpeas purée mixed with tahina.
  • Zaatar Manakish was baked to perfection.


  • Moudardra that has lentil and rice topped with fried onions was bursting with flavors and a great vegetarian dish to try.
  • Burghul Bil Banadora was not only a healthy and nutritious dish, it was tasty too. It had a combo of burgul with fresh tomatoes.


  • Crisp Falafel served with tahina dip was delightful.
  • Sawda Djej which had chicken liver cooked with garlic and pomegranate sauce was my friend’s absolute favorite.
  • Aliyet Dalia had tender pieces of meat cooked with onions, tomatoes and pine nuts. It was comfort food at it’s best.

Mixed Arabic Grill

  • As our main course, we ordered Mixed Grill. It had an assortment of grilled meats that was served with French fries, garlic dip and veggies.
  • Our dessert was a sweet surprise that had Cotton Candy with Ice Cream hidden inside. It was utterly delicious. And a great way to end an amazing dinner.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner at Villa Beirut. The food, the drinks, the service and the atmosphere is awesome. Villa Beirut is a must-visit for all Lebanese food lovers.

Phone: 0507593267

P. S.- Villa Beirut also offers Iftar and Suhoor during Ramadan!
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