Lebanese Feast at Filful

FilFul Restaurant

I am still dreaming about my Lebanese dinner last Monday. FilFul, a Lebanese eatery opened its second outlet in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in the heart of Downtown Dubai and I was invited to the grand launch.

It was a memorable evening with great food by Chef Joseph Cozma, amazing music by their Lebanese DJ and lively traditional dance. Recipe for a perfect weekday evening.

Who wouldn’t love to go to Beirut and indulge in their delectable cuisine? Now, you don’t have to hop on a plane for that as we have a slice of Beirut right here in Dubai as FilFul serves proper nostalgic Beiruti street food.

Beiruti Restaurant

The interiors of FilFul will transport you all the way to Beirut. The setup is cosy, comfortable and welcoming. They also have an outdoor boulevard terrace where you can try their many different flavors of Shisha.

FilFul’s menu features a wide range of dishes, from cold and hot mezze to salads and kaak, manakish, sandwiches to grills, shawarma and desserts alongside heavenly fruit juices and hot drinks.

As a vegetarian, I couldn’t try their popular shawarma and grills. But they’ve a good variety for vegetarians too. Below is some of the dishes that my partner and I tried at FilFul:


  • We started off with two of their refreshing drinks- Watermelon Smoothie and Lemonade.
  • Two-tiered tray of Salad was served to all the tables.
  • We loved both their super fresh, light and tasty Fattoush and Watermelon Feta Salad.
  • Zaatar Manakish was hot out of the oven and bursting with flavors.
  • We were also offered Pickled Veggies and Spicy dip to go with our meal.
  • The Falafel was crispy and delicious. It was served with a Tahini sauce.
  • I never forget to order Batata Harra when I am dining at a Middle Eastern restaurant as it is one of my favorites. But I didn’t like it in FilFul as the potatoes were over fried and greasy.
  • Their hummus was creamy, smooth and had a nice velvety texture.
  • Foul which had fava beans cooked with garlic, cumin, lemon juice and olive oil was simple, nutritious and tasty.
  • Balila was warm, comforting and an appetizing dish that we relished.

Black tea

  • To go with our meal, we were served Arabic Bread.
  • As our dessert, we ordered Kunafa which tasted phenomenally good.
  • To round off, we ordered Black Tea.

We enjoyed our dining experience at FilFul and can’t wait to head back again. Fancy a shortcut to Beirut? Then look no further than FilFul in Downtown Dubai.

Phone: 800345385

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