Awadhi Food Festival at Gharana


As a foodie, one of my favorite events to attend are the food festivals as I not only get to gorge on the delicious food but also get to learn about the food that I am eating. On Thursday 18th January, I attended the first day of the Awadhi Food Festival in Gharana.

Located in Holiday Inn in Al Barsha, Gharana is the Hotel’s authentic North Indian restaurant. For limited time only, Gharana celebrates Awadhi Food Festival from 18th-27th January 2018.

It was our first time at Gharana which has a typical Indian decor. The highlight of the restaurant is the gorgeous swing. The restaurant also has a separate bar area and a small stage for live music.

Gharana is hosting the Awadhi Food Festival under the patronage of visiting Chef Rehman who is an expert in rich Awadhi cuisine.

Awadhi Food in Dubai

About Awadhi Cuisine

Just as the enthralling history of Awadh, the cuisine has a class of its own.

Originating in the giant kitchens of the food loving Nawabs, Lucknowi food is subtly flavored and the aromatic cooking involves finely ground spices and is cooked in the unique Dum style.

Whilst enjoying the traditional fare from the North Indian region of ancient Awadh, we were entertained by their talented live resident band.

Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, the Awadhi Food Festival at Gharana caters to both the palates. As we are vegetarians, we opted for the vegetarian dishes.

We liked the selection of their rich array of kebabs, curries, mains and the desserts that we tried. Some of our favorites were Paneer Peeli Mirch Tikka, Chowk Ki Tikki, Subz Galawati, Nemat-Ezameen, Jannat-E-Basmati and Sheerini Ka Daur.

The food we tried were packed with authentic flavors and good taste. The Awadhi style or the dum style of cooking that is the art of cooking over a slow fire which allows the flavor to be intact brought out the real essence of the delicacies.

We enjoyed our Awadhi culinary journey at the Awadhi Food Festival at Gharana.

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