UZB Avenue- Authentic Uzbek Restaurant in Dubai

Uzbek restaurant in Dubai

Long weekends calls for trying out something unusual. And that’s exactly what we did, we tried something unusual rather than the usual and popular cuisines that we are used to. We visited UZB Avenue, an authentic Uzbek restaurant.

I got introduced to Uzbek cuisine recently and this is the second time in my life that I am trying Uzbek cuisine. So I have a vague idea about Uzbek cuisine.

For vegetarians like me, there are limited options as Uzbek cuisine is meat and seafood heavy. But still we managed to order a complete meal. Their menu is elaborate and offers both Uzbek and Russian cuisine.

Though the nation of Uzbekistan is relatively new, gaining independence in 1991, there culture is one of the most ancient. And one of the main aspect of their culture is their cuisine. Apart from centuries-old recipes, Uzbek cuisine also has been influenced by its neighboring countries.

Russian Restaurant

UZB Avenue has a feel and a look of an authentic restaurant in Uzbekistan. It has earthy, rustic and traditional Uzbek decor. This vibrant place has beautiful embroidered table cloth, cushion covers and colorful tapestry.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining space. They also offer private dining space. As the atmosphere inside was so wonderful that we sat indoors for our lunch.

Uzbek black tea

According to Uzbek custom, the guests are served black or green tea whenever they visit anybody’s home. We were offered a pot of Uzbek Black Tea which was smooth and fragrant.

Next we were served Uzbek Bread that was baked in a traditional clay-oven. It was round, crispy and topped with white sesame seeds.

Eggplant ikra


Vegetarian Samsa- We tried 2 kinds of vegetarian samsa, a traditional Uzbek puff pastry with filling. One with a potato filling and the other one with a pumpkin filling. We liked the samsa with potato filling better than the pumpkin samsa as the pumpkin one was a bit sweet.

Special Eggplant Ikra- One of the signature dishes of UZB Avenue is the eggplant ikra made with eggplant, fresh tomatoes, garlic and tomato paste in olive oil. It was simple, flavorful and utterly delicious. Eggplant ikra went well with the Uzbek bread.

Tomato Soup- Uzbek style tomato soup was thicker than the regular soups. Its texture was smooth and creamy. The soup was topped with sour cream and served with croutons in the side.


Manti dumplings

Cheese Cheburek is a popular street food in Uzbekistan and former Soviet Union countries. The Cheburek is made with different fillings. It is a stuffed deep fried pastry and the one we ordered was stuffed with halloumi and mozzarella cheese. It was delicious.

Vegetarian Manti is one of the few veg dishes in their menu. It is a steamed dumpling filled with veggies and served with homemade yogurt.

Fresh Yogurt Salad is very simple and you cannot go wrong with it. This refreshing salad had grated cucumber, radish and dill in yogurt dressing.


Napoleon cake

For dessert we ordered the famous Russian cake – Napoleon Cake that is layered with generous sweet cream filling. It was moist, flaky and oh-so-good.

We ended our lunch with a cup of mint and lemon tea.

Overall, our experience was good. The service was good but slow. If you want to try something different then you can give this place a visit.

Phone: 04 399 9904

Address: Al Barsha 1, Behind Novotel Hotel

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