Falooda Spot in Town-Billo Ice Cream 

Falooda in Dubai
As a huge dessert lover I always wanted to visit Billo Ice Cream from a long time, but somehow I didn’t get a chance to visit them. But finally yesterday while visiting a friend’s house, I spotted Billo Ice Cream and decided to pay them a visit.

Billo Ice Cream is a Pakistani outlet offering street food, they specialize in Falooda– A cold dessert made from mixing rose syrup with milk, vermicelli, sweet basil, sabza seeds, pieces of jelly and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

I always thought that Billo Ice Cream only offers desserts, but I was mistaken. They also serve fast food like bun kababs, sandwiches, burgers and chaats.

Billo Ice Cream has four outlets in Dubai, and I visited their Karama outlet. Its a small place with a seating capacity of 6-8 people. Loved the colorful and bright interiors. The place was sparkling clean with desi music playing in the background. 

Pakistani cuisine in Dubai
For a vegetarian like me, the options were limited. I ordered two kinds of Bun KababsOriginal Bun Kabab and Aloo Cutlet Bun Kabab. The Original had a lentil patty with spices and herbs topped with raw onions, chili & mint yogurt and ketchup in a toasted bun.

The Aloo one had potato patty mashed with herbs and spices covered in bread crumbs served with mint chutney and ketchup on the side.

Both the bun Kababs were spicy, tasty and flavorful.

Next I tried two of their chaats- Chana Papri and Dahi Bhalla. Having grown up eating amazing chaat all my life, I was disappointed with both their chaats which was lacking in freshness, good taste and flavor. 

Finally, it was time to try their famed Falooda. I ordered their Kulfa Falooda. It was served in a huge glass and it contained rose syrup with milk, vermicelli and basil seeds topped with two scoops of ice cream. It was garnished with pieces of fruit jelly and sliced almonds. It was extremely delicious and rich. I relished it.

I also ordered a KitKat Milkshake which was creamy and heavy. 

Wish I had more space in my tummy to try their new Punjabi Falooda and Zafrani Kulfi which everyone is raving about.

If you love bun Kababs and Falooda, then you can visit one of the Billo Ice Cream outlets closer to your home or office. They are reasonably priced and also do deliveries.

Karama Outlet Contact: 0564716972

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