Glenfiddich Taste By Sound At Noire-Dine In The Dark Restaurant 

Glenfiddich Single Malt
I was delighted when I was invited to one of the restaurants in my ‘food bucket list in Dubai’-Noire at Fairmont Dubai. Noire, is a dining in the dark restaurant concept. Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded single malt Whisky, has partnered up with Noire for the whole month of November to bring ‘Taste by Sound’ to Dubai. 

It was an experimental sensory experience, where I got to enjoy a three course dinner paired with a glass of different Glenfiddich single malt whisky for every course. Each course was accompanied by a musical composition created by Tse Tse Fly, specially designed to complement the different Glenfiddich expressions.

Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador
This unique event is part of the recently launched #GFExperiments campaign, which showcases Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series, a new range that combines the brand’s passion for pushing Scotch whisky boundaries and collaborating with trailblazers from the whisky world and beyond.

Glenfiddich launched their Project XX the second malt released in the Experimental Series in Dubai. On the day of the event, I and the other guests were guided through this sensory journey by Struan Grant Ralph, Glenfiddich’s Global Brand Ambassador. 

The evening started with a glass of Glenfiddich based cocktail that was served at the Cigar Bar. After that, we were introduced to Struan and he gave a brief talk on Glenfiddich and then we headed inside Noire for Taste By Sound experience.

Noire Restaurant
Noire has a pitch black setting where the servers are equipped with night vision goggles to serve the guests. As it is pitch dark inside, we were led to our table. Bags and mobiles are to be left behind. And we had our surprise three course dinner in complete darkness. It was a true sensory experience that awakens the senses and savour every flavor, texture and scent. Each and every course was deliciously different, I got some of the ingredients right, some I didn’t. My favorite was the sinfully delicious dessert. The whole experience took 90 minutes.

Glenfiddich’s Brand Ambassador, Struan Grant Ralph took us on a sensory experience in both taste and sound, by utilizing Noire’s dining in the dark concept to enhance this even further. I liked all the different single malt that I tried, my favorite was the Glenfiddich Project XX. It had a refined and balanced flavor with fruity aroma and candy floss sweetness and a rich vanilla oakiness.

I truly had one-of-a-kind experience, where my taste buds went on a thrilling culinary adventure with fantastic Glenfiddich single malt complementing the food.

Taste By Sound is available throughout November, with ‘African and Eastern’s’ Single Malt Brand Ambassador Chris Chambers taking you on a sensory experience with Glenfiddich.

Dates: 9th,16th,23rd and 30th of November from 8pm.

Price: AED 399 per person, includes full ‘Taste By Sound’ experience(3 course dinner with Glenfiddich single malt pairing) and a welcome drink at Cigar Bar.

For reservations:

Call: 04 311 8316

P.S-Some of the pictures are courtesy: Global Communications Agency!

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