Going Organic With Koita Organic Milk

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I am always on a lookout for new products that are healthy and nutritious for my family and me. I was delighted to come across Koita Organic Milk recently. Now we are hooked on to this delicious and nutritious organic milk. We start our mornings with Koita Organic Milk  for our coffee and breakfast cereal. Infact, the packaging is so convenient that I send it to my kids snack box. It’s great to make desserts too. 

Koita is a homegrown concept started by Mustafa Koita. His passion for healthy living and giving back to the community led him to start this company. Now, you don’t have to search for good premium and organic foods while traveling to USA or UK, it is available right at our doorstep. 

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Some facts about Koita:

  • Koita is the #1 Long Life Organic Cow milk in the UAE.
  • Koita Organic Milk has No artificial preservatives, No synthetic hormones, No artificial pesticides and No antibiotics.
  • Added Vitamin A & D3(halal certified) makes it extra healthy. 200ml sizes of whole fat, low fat and chocolate milk makes it perfect for lunch boxes, chillers, traveling and more.
  • Koita is produced in Italy by the healthiest grass fed cows. 
  • Healthy yet long lasting, to prevent spoilage in hot environment.
  • Eco-friendly packaging.
  • Clean, creamy and fresh taste.
  • Koita donates  10% of net profits to local charities.
  • You can find Koita in 200+ UAE stores, you can shop online at koita.com and it is also available in 5 GCC countries with more to come.

So happy that we switched to Organic milk, the kids love it too. Not only is the Koita Organic Milk, healthy and nutritious, it tastes delicious too. The prices are affordable and Koita is available in many supermarkets. If you want it to be delivered to your doorstep, you can order it online. 

For more info or queries, visit their website:


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