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Uzbek Cuisine,Kazakh Cuisine, Russian Cuisine
This is one of those reviews which I wanted to write, as soon as I visited the restaurant. When I went to Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe I was super thrilled as I was trying a new cuisine for the very first time. I am quite surprised at myself that having lived here in Dubai for more than 13 years, that I haven’t tried Uzbek, Kazakh or Russian cuisine as there are quite a few restaurants offering this cuisine. I am glad I finally got introduced to it.

Located at the ground floor of the Point Tower building in Dubai Marina, Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe offers authentic and wide selection of Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian delicacies. It’s an all day dining restaurant, open in the morning till midnight. 

Uzbek style decor, Long winding stairs
It was easy to locate the restaurant, thanks to the trusty GPS. From outside ,the restaurant didn’t look impressive. Upon entering inside, it was like we were transported to Uzbekistan. The decor of Gulnaz is completely done up in Uzbek and Kazakh style. High ceilings were decked with colorful chandeliers, a winding wooden staircase leading to upstair smoking area and detailed murals depicting scenes from ancient times in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia gave it a dramatic effect. The interiors are bright and beautiful. 

Traditional setting
Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe has indoor and outdoor dining area. Inside the restaurant, upstairs is the smoking area and the ground floor is the non smoking area with two kinds of seating arrangement-the main table area is the usual seating style like any other restaurant,  the other seating area is the Uzbek style, something similar to Majlis style.

As I was with my family, we chose to sit in the Uzbek style of seating as it looked very homey and cosy. The kids felt completely at home.

Uzbek Lemonade
What do we order? We panicked as we didn’t know any of the dishes from the menu. Anyway we ordered a Lemonade and it was not the regular lemonade we are used to. It came in two flavors and it was different. We prefer the regular lemonade over this.

As for the food, our friendly Uzbek server helped us out. Not only did he help us choose the dish, he also patiently explained us about each and every dish. At Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe everything is made fresh in their traditional Tandir, Kazan pots with authentic spices and flavors.

Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian cuisine is meat and seafood friendly and vegetarian options are limited, but nevertheless they have decent vegetarian options. Here’s a list of what we ordered.

Eggplant Salad
Eggplant Salad had a combination of fried eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and fresh coriander. A must-have for all eggplant lovers.

Almaty,Almaty salad
Almaty is one of their signature salads and does contain meat. But as we are vegetarians, they made it without meat. Almaty had a medley of fresh veggies, apple and homemade mayonnaise. It was delicious.

Vegetable Samsa
Vegetable Samsa is one of the amazing hot starters that we ordered. It was a Uzbek puff pie filled with pumpkin. 

Blintz is the famous Russian pancake with a choice of filling. We opted to have ours stuffed with cottage cheese. It was ok, a bit on the heavier side. I would prefer to have it for breakfast.

Buklama was fantastic. Buklama is an Uzbek pan fried pastry with plain cheese. It was served along with homemade tomato dip. An absolute must-try dish at Gulnaz.

Manti, Pumpkin Manti
Manti was one of the few vegetarian main course dishes that was on their menu. Manti is a delicious steamed pudding filled with pumpkin.

Plov,Pride of Uzbek Cuisine
Plov is the pride of Uzbek cuisine, your Uzbek meal cannot be complete without eating Plov. It’s made of rice, meat, vegetables, Uzbek spices and cooked in a traditional way in a cauldron. As we are vegetarian, they made our Plov without the meat. It was full of flavor and taste. We absolutely loved the Plov and can’t recommend it enough.

Lepeshka,Bread baked in Tandir
Lepeshka is the traditional Uzbek bread made inside a Tandir(clay-oven). It was round, flat and crispy. It can be had plain or with the other dishes. We had it with the sour cream.

Napoleon Cake,Russian Cake
Napoleon Cake is a Russian cake that is layered with generous sweet cream filling. It was flaky, moist and absolutely scrumptious.

Uzbek Black Tea
Uzbek Black Tea in a tea pot was how we ended our fantastic dinner. The Uzbek black tea had lemon and orange flavors. It was pleasant, aromatic and refreshing. Don’t even think of leaving Gulnaz without having their excellent Uzbek black tea.

Overall, Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe offers outstanding food, warm hospitality and friendly service. We had an unforgettable experience and would love to recommend this place to everyone.

Phone: 04 453 4887


P.S.- Thank you Dilnoza and team Gulnaz for inviting us.

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