Iftar At The Oberoi Dubai

The Oberoi Dubai,Grand Ballroom,Arabian decor
Last evening, I was invited to experience a lavish Iftar at The Oberoi’s. During the holy month of Ramadan The Oberoi will be holding a grand Iftar at the Al Majlis, a luxury Arabian tent at the Grand Ballroom. 

Al Majlis at Grand Ballroom is a spacious place with elegant ambience and traditional decor. The Arabian decor gives it a magical and dreamy look. The lamps and the artifacts adds beauty to the place. The brightly lit place looks festive and regal. It embraces the spirit of Ramadan.

Arabian style majlis,Iftar in Dubai
Larger groups are offered a majlis kind of setting for a private Iftar celebration.

In the spirit of Ramadan, The Oberoi Dubai is focusing on the purity of food and giving back to society by sourcing SLOW, that is Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome ingredients from indigenous farms. To explain in simple words, they will source food from local farms that grows everything organically, it is The Oberoi’s way of giving back to society.

You can expect an elaborate spread of gourmet Arabian cuisine, local delicacies,selection of international cuisine, molecular gastronomy and unique desserts.

Traditional Arabian Drink,Tamer Hindi
The Iftar buffet is inclusive of  Ramadan drinks and hot beverages. They offer all the traditional Ramadan favorites like Jallab, Tamer Hindi, Laban Aryan and Kamardin. 

Our table had all the Iftar essentials like dates, dry fruits, water and fresh juice. 

The Iftar buffet offers a good selection of soups, salads, breads, cold and hot mezze, starters, mixed Arabic grill, carving station, main course and desserts.

We tried a little bit of everything and the food was well cooked, flavorful and delicious. I liked the fact that Al Majlis offered some unique dishes that I didn’t get to see in other Iftar buffets in Dubai.

Lamb Ouzi,Iftar Staple,Iftar buffet
Some of the outstanding dishes were Beetroot & barley salad, cold mezze, Papdi chaat, Stewed fava beans, Stuffed vine leaves, Cheese Sambousek, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Pasta in Arrabiata sauce, Lamb Ouzi, Iranian saffron rice, lamb biryani, Vegetable curry, Chicken tikka masala and Polenta in pesto sauce.

Baklava,Dates,Dry Fruits,Arabic Sweets
The dessert section had a wide range of dry fruit, sliced fresh fruit, Baklawa and popular traditional favorites like Katayef, Umm Ali and Kunafa. The international selection had various kinds of cakes, pastries and pudding. Loved the scrumptiously delicious Gulab Jamun. The eternal buffet favorite, chocolate fountain had all the kids and the adults making a beeline for it.

Camel Milk Ice Cream,Ramadan Specials
There were molecular desserts too. The ice creams made with fresh camel milk was outstanding. There were three flavors and they were specially crafted for Ramadan. The saffron with honey and dates flavor was fantastic. 

Moroccan Tea,Spearmint Tea,Traditional Tea
We ended our Iftar with a hot cup of Moroccan tea.

Al Majlis at The Oberoi Dubai is a great place for Iftar- Delectable food, beautiful ambience, live entertainment(Arabic singer and Oud player), flawless service and warm hospitality. 

Timing: sunset-9pm

Cost: AED 195 per person 

For a group of 10 or more:AED 175 per person 

For reservations:

Phone: 04 444 1407

Email: restaurants.dubai@oberoihotels.com

Author: Meghana

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