New Menu Tasting at Flippin Pizza- Ibn Battuta Mall

Just a few days ago I was invited to the new menu tasting at  Flippin Pizza. It was my first visit and  naturally I was excited. Flippin Pizza is located at China Court, Ibn Battuta Mall.

Flippin Pizza is a New York based Pizza chain. It was started more than 105 years ago. All their pizzas are hand tossed hence the name Flippin Pizza. They serve New York style pizza. Yes, the main focus is on pizza. But they also offer soups,salads, appetizers, pastas and desserts. They believe in using freshest of ingredients. Everything is made freshly in-store.  There is no added sugar.  Did I flip for Flippin Pizza? Let’s find out.

Flippin Pizza at Ibn Battuta has been refurbished and looks great in it’s new avatar. The place has a New York vibe to it. The atmosphere is lively, energetic and friendly. I loved the images of  New York City all over the restaurant. The light wood used in the restaurant is very soothing. It is a family friendly restaurant. They have an open kitchen where you can see your pizza being tossed.

Their beverage menu consists of soft drinks, fresh juices,iced tea, lemonade, coffee and tea. I had a freshly juiced Green Apple juice. It was refreshing. 

We were served freshly baked bread with Marinara sauce. The bread was soft and moist and went well with sauce. 

I skipped the Minestrone Soup as it contained Chicken. But my friend liked it. She said it was a wholesome soup that was perfectly made. It was thick and creamy with vegetables, grilled chicken and pasta.

Beetroot, Feta & Rocca Salad was what we tried next. Beetroot, Rocca leaves, pomegranate, onion and feta cheese were combined together in a vinegar dressing and seasoned with roasted pine nuts. It was fresh and tasty.

Crispy Risotto Balls was our appetizer- little balls of Risotto were done perfectly and had that wonderful golden brown color. It was crunchy,creamy and cheesy.  The risotto balls came on a bed of rich tomato sauce with Garlic Ayoli sauce in the side. It was good combination.

As for our mains we had the Mushroom Risotto and the vegetarian pizza. 

The Mushroom Risotto was topped with grilled veggies on the top. The grilled veggies added the extra zing to the risotto. The risotto was rich and creamy. It had the right amount of cheese. It was light and flavorful.

The vegetarian pizza was okay. I felt too many vegetables were added to it. The crust was thin and crispy and it was topped with tomato sauce and two kinds of cheese- Parmesan and mozzarella. All their pizzas come in three sizes and the portion is big.

The new menu offers two new desserts- Triple Chocolate Brownie and Peanut Butter Sauce Pancake. I tried both of them. 

The Triple Chocolate Brownie was made with three kinds of chocolate- dark, medium and milk. It was topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce and sprinkled with lotus biscotti. It was crisp on the outside and soft, gooey and chocolatey in the middle. It was utterly delicious. It had me blissed out. I highly recommend this sinful dessert.

Peanut Butter Sauce Pancake  had two small fluffy pancakes immersed generously in a stream of peanut butter sauce, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top, drizzled with chocolate sauce and choco chips. Well, you want to know how it tasted! One word- Heavenly! 

Both the desserts were lip smackingly delicious. My suggestion: keep huge space in your tummies for the desserts. Those extra calories are totally worth it.

Overall I had a good experience. The food, the ambience, the music and the service is great. The portion size is big. I don’t mind going back again. If you are craving for New York style pizza then Flippin Pizza is a place to be considered.

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Author: Meghana

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