Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar – Launch of the 10th branch in UAE 

‘Chocolate is health food for the soul.’ I  certainly believe in this statement. Don’t you all agree that a piece of chocolate a day makes everything better. Give me a bar of chocolate on a happy day or a gloomy day, sunny day or a rainy day. It keeps me going.

As a big chocoholic, when I was invited for the celebrations of the 10th branch of the Chocolate Bar in UAE I was thrilled beyond words. It was a special lunch at the newest Chocolate Bar outlet  in Mall of the Emirates. I also got to meet the founder of Chocolate Bar, the very down to earth and cool Alison Nelson.

The new Chocolate Bar outlet is located in the Level 2, of the new expansion of  Mall of the Emirates. 

This award winning Chocolate Bar from New York City is a must visit place for all chocolate lovers. Their menu is not limited to chocolates and chocolate based food and drinks. They offer much more.

The new Chocolate Bar at Mall of the Emirates is very spacious. The ambience is lovely, with comfortable seating. White is the predominant color, it looks sparklingly bright and welcoming. It adds divinity to the place.

We were served our drinks immediately after being seated. My friend and I had the Raspberry juice. We also had non alcoholic sparkling white  grape juice. It was amazing. All the tables had tiny bottles of non alcoholic Sparkling white  grape juice. 

They have hot and cold beverages in their menu. The chocolate shots are very popular, they can be made with dark or white chocolate or milk. They also serve coffee, tea, iced tea,gelato shakes, fresh juices, Italian sodas and chocolate based drinks.

We were served a variety of canapés. I liked the vegetarian one with sour cream and cherry tomatoes. My friend liked the canapé with salmon. We also liked the sliders,sandwiches and croissants that came in a 3 tiered platter.

Next to arrive on our table was their speciality, Chocolate Fondue. I must tell you that, they make the most delicious chocolate fondue in town. The chocolate fondue sauce was rich, hot and creamy. It was served with sliced bananas, marshmallows, strawberry pieces and collections of berries. We loved it. I felt rather guilty about enjoying this amazing dessert. No, not for the calories I was about to gain. I was missing my kids as they would have loved it. I immediately made a note to myself, to get the kids for brunch next week.

Finally, we got to try their famous Classic Molten Chocolate cake. This warm chocolate cake was freshly baked with a molten center. Our cake had dark center inside. You can choose dark, milk or white chocolate cake. It is served with vanilla ice cream. This rich and delicious cake with a gooey center was awesome. A definite must-try at  the Chocolate Bar.

Chocolate Bar has a lot more to offer. They have a vast menu that includes breakfast favorites like Omelette, Eggs Benedict,pancakes, Waffles, home-baked croissants and a wide variety of bread with marmalade and honey served with butter.

They also offer soups,salads,sandwiches, pastas and a huge variety of desserts. Their cookies, cakes and cupcakes looked yum. Chocolate Bar is a good place to visit for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. They use only the freshest ingredients of highest quality  in all their products.

We were also given a box of their chocolates as a gift. All their chocolates are crafted from the finest quality chocolate and hand poured in New York City and shipped the very next day. The chocolates from Chocolate Bar are free of additives, preservatives and coloring. The chocolate box is a perfect gift this festive season.

The service was good. The staff were friendly and helpful. This swish place has a great atmosphere too. Chocolate Bar is a must-visit  place to satisfy all the chocolate cravings. Even their other dishes are worth trying. I can’t wait to visit them again, already promised the kids that I am taking them this weekend. 
The Chocolate Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Author: Meghana

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