New York New York

I must have been a 5 year old when I first heard about New York City. My fascination with New York began from a very young age, I must have read innumerable articles and books on New York and I must have watched umpteen number of movies and TV serials. I had not even visited the city and it was my most favorite city in the world. I was madly in love with New York City without visiting it.

Finally my dream came true, thanks to my husband. We planned a trip to the east coast of USA in July 2014. We stayed in New York for 7 days. 

I was so excited to visit New York, I didn’t sleep at all during my long flight. We reached New York in the night and the city was looking magnificent with it’s amazing skyline. I was feeling very lucky to be there and make the most of my time in New York.

Crown Plaza in Manhattan was to be our home for the next seven days. New York City consists of five boroughs- Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan,  The Bronx and Staten Island. All the five boroughs have their own must-see  places. But Manhattan is the main destination.

New York City is a part of  State of New York. It is a cosmopolitan city and it attracts highest number of tourists. The United Nations has it’s headquarters in New York. 

New York is a global center of finance, fashion, art, architecture , technology and culture. 

As there is too much traffic all the time, the best way to explore the city is by public transport and walking. Sight seeing buses and boats are also a good option to explore the city.I would definitely not suggest to rent a car especially in Manhattan. 

New York is a fast paced city. A city which is very unique in the world. Soak in the art and culture of the city. NY has some of the best art galleries and museums. We enjoyed visiting them. It is the culinary capital of the world, the variety of cuisines is amazing. It has some of the best fine dining restaurants, cocktail bars, gastropubs and gourmet food trucks.

New York takes entertainment to the new level. When in NY enjoy the Broadway and off Broadway shows. New York also offers experimental theater, indie cinema, stand-up comedy, poetry readings, jazz and all kinds of music. 

The New York skyline is filled with architectural wonders. Each and every neighborhood offers something different and new. Ahh! I am missing those days when I turned into an urban wanderer in New York. 

There are many places of attraction and interest. Here are some of my favorites:

1 Central Park 

2 Times Square 

3 Rockefeller Center 

4 Empire State Building 

5 Statue of Liberty 

6 Metropolitan Museum of Art

7 Grand Central Terminal 

8 American Museum of Natural History 

9 St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

10 National September 11 Memorial & Museum 

11 Madison Square Garden 

12 Brooklyn Bridge 

13 Yankee Stadium 

14 Carnegie Hall

15  New York Harbor 

16 Chelsea Market 

17 Meat packing District 

18 Flatiron Building 

19 Fifth Avenue 

20 Wall Street 

21 Greenwich Village

There are many more, but these are some of the places which come to my mind.

There are many places close to New York City  if you are planning for a day trip. Some of the places are Philadelphia, Niagara falls, Atlantic city, Hamptons and Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. 

New York has so much to see and do. Shopping in Fifth Avenue was fun. We enjoyed dining at Hell’s Kitchen. New York is the place to unleash the urban wanderer in you and explore all the aspects of the city. Lastly, don’t forget to buy the ‘ I Love New York’ t-shirt. I bought a dozen of them and wear them when I am in a New York State of mind. 

Oh New York I miss you and can’t wait to come back!

Author: Meghana

I live in Dubai. I am passionate about traveling, food, reading, theatre, art, music, fashion, writing, tennis and photography. I love to explore new places, whether it is a country, restaurant, art gallery or a play. This blog will mostly cover food, lifestyle, travel and books. Come join me in my will enjoy the ride!

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