Moshi- where Nepal meets Japan

Moshi is a restaurant specializing in momo, which is a stuffed dumpling popular in Nepal and the Japanese speciality Sushi. So hence the name Moshi( momo+sushi=Moshi), ain’t that quirky!

This recently opened restaurant is so popular that I was already making plans on visiting it. But it was such a lucky coincidence that I got an invite to visit Moshi. I couldn’t wait to get there and try out everything they had to offer.

So on a Sunday night, hubby and me went to Moshi for dinner. It is very easy to get there, Moshi is located in Barsha, opposite to Citymax Hotel. Moshi offers free valet parking for it’s customers. 

Moshi is a quaint little restaurant. It is not a fancy restaurant. It is totally frills free and simple restaurant. We found it cute and cosy. It is nicely done up in orange and black colour. They have an open kitchen concept.

Moshi offers great variety of momo and sushi. They also serve soup, salads,noodles and fried rice. They also serve limited but amazing desserts. They also serve beverages like tea, coffee, fresh juices and milk shakes.

My reviews always have a vegetarian perspective. I must tell you I was totally bowled by the variety they offer to vegetarians. We tried almost every vegetarian dish in the menu. 

We started off with lemon and mint drink. It was very refreshing. After that we had edamame.

It was soup time next. We had the Nepali  soupy noodles called as Thuppa. It was hot, spicy and tasty. People who love spicy food, will love this soup.

Now was the time to dip and roll some sushi and momo. The combination they offer are truly unique. Hats off to them to come up with such creative  and fearless ideas. Just shows the talent and hard work of team Moshi.

All the food in Moshi is made from scratch using quality products. They have recently introduced air rolls which incorporate all the maki roll in rice paper. Air roll is a lighter and healthier option.

We tried most of the veg sushi they had to offer. We had the mushroom and asparagus air rolls, tofu maki rolls, cheesy Chips Oman, crispy eggplant, falafel, hummus and cucumber maki rolls and eggplant katsu with Thai green curry. Each one of them was good in their own way. We liked everything. Our favourites were the newly introduced eggplant katsu, cheesy chips Oman and mushroom and asparagus air rolls. 

They have three kinds of momo: steamed, pan-fried and fried. We got to try all the three varieties. We had cheese mushroom and paneer and spinach steamed momo. We had pero pero mushroom and potato,cheese and corn  pan-fried momo. Broccoli , mushroom, carrot was the fried momo that we tasted. Which was our favorite? That’s a difficult question. We liked them all. But here is our favourites pero pero mushroom, potato, cheese and corn and paneer and spinach.

We had veg noodles next. The noodles dough is handmade in their kitchen. The noodles were very tasty, light and fresh and not like the regular noodles you get everywhere. The noodles in Moshi is something which I want my kids to try.

We tried all the three desserts, their signature Nutella maki, coconut glazed momo and peanut butter bars. The Nutella maki is finger lickingly delicious. Even a person who doesn’t like Nutella, will love the Nutella maki at Moshi. 

The coconut glazed momo was okay. The peanut butter bars are amazing, it was a big hit with us. We totally loved those decadent peanut butter bars.

I also tried the Oreo milkshake, it was the usual Oreo milkshake which you get everywhere.

The service is very good and welcoming. You can expect great hospitality. The owner and the manager are hands on. They personally take care of everything in the restaurant. They are ready for any new suggestion or feedback. I must say that they run the place with passion. The pricing is very reasonable.

I really appreciate their amazing gesture of contributing 5 percent of the bill to construction workers meal. 

Moshi is an unassuming place. Here the food does the talking. We really loved the unique concept. We will come back soon with the kids. I absolutely want to recommend Moshi to everyone. 

Moshi - Momo & Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Author: Meghana

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