Donelli – Non Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice : Now in Dubai

Donelli is a well known Italian brand for non alcoholic sparkling grape juices. The company was established in 1915. Donelli is present in more than 40 countries in the world. Recently, it was launched in Dubai.

Donelli’s sparkling grape juice is  100% natural. It is completely preservative free and there is no added colouring and sugar. It is completely a non alcoholic drink.

Donelli sparkling grape juice is rich in minerals. It is a perfect drink for any time, whether it is a special occasion or an informal one. It is a good drink for summer time. It is very refreshing. It is totally alcohol and preservative free, and there is no Sulphur dioxide added to the juice. It is a natural and healthy drink. It is particularly suited for Children.

The sparkling juices in Donelli are the result of more than 30 years of experience and manufactured with no compromise, by using the latest technology. We can expect high quality standards and products from them.

I am happy to come across this product. I always look out for something healthy, natural,tasty and high quality product to give to my family especially my kids. Donelli is a great choice. It is a great drink to offer when you have guests. Many of my friends and family don’t consume alcohol. Donelli sparkling grape juice is a good choice to offer to those who don’t drink alcohol. I would suggest the Donelli sparkling grape juice to everyone as it is pure, natural, healthy and tasty drink.

There are two types of Non alcoholic sparkling grape juice  – normal and premium ones.

There are 6 flavours of the normal non alcoholic sparkling grape juice:

1 Sparkling Red Grape Juice

2 Sparkling White Grape Juice

3 Sparkling Grape Juice Wildberry Flavour 

4 Sparkling Grape Juice Blood Orange Flavour 

5 Sparkling Grape Juice Peach Flavour 

6 Sparkling Grape Juice Gold Apple Flavour 

All these Flavours are available in the supermarkets like Spinneys, Carrefour etc in Dubai.

There are 3 Flavours of the Premium non alcoholic sparkling grape juice:

1 Sparkling Grape Juice Rose Petals Flavour 

2 Sparkling White Grape Juice (Bianco)

3 Sparkling Red Grape Juice (Rosso)

The 3 Flavours of the Premium non alcoholic sparkling grape juice can be found in some of the Italian restaurants like Eatly and Lounge  Cafe Italiano. It will soon be available in the supermarkets.

The premium sparkling grape juice comes in an extremely elegant bottle designed by the late Sergio Scaglietti of Ferrari especially for Donelli. 

I tried some of the Flavours and loved them. The non alcoholic sparkling grape juices from Donelli goes well with  all kinds of food. It can be had any time.The sparkling grape juices from Donelli are pure, 100% natural with no added sugar, no preservatives, no added colouring. It is a refreshing, healthy and natural drink with no alcohol.  It is a drink for everyone, children as well as adults. I will definitely stock up this high quality product for my family and friends. The sparkling grape juice bottles from Donelli can also be given as gifts on festivals and other occasions. 


Author: Meghana

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