Mexican Theme Night at Flavours on Two-Towers Rotana 


Flavours on Two is an all day dining restaurant with all inclusive buffet themed dinner. They also offer breakfast and lunch buffet. Their Family  Friday Brunch is very popular. I and my dining partner went to Flavours on Two on Sunday for their Mexican themed night ‘Sizzling Salsa’.

Flavours on Two is located in second floor of Towers Rotana on Sheikh Zayed road. It is easy to get here, whether you are driving or taking a taxi or any other means of transport. It is conveniently located.

Flavours on Two is known for it’s amazing  food spread, unlimited selection of drinks, live cooking station, fresh and tasty salads, delicious food and divine desserts.


I was looking forward to visit Flavours on Two when I was invited and try my favourite Mexican cuisine there. The Mexican theme night ‘Sizzling Salsa’ sounded  interesting. Did it sizzle? Let’s find out.

The ambience is lovely and very contemporary. The dimly lit atmosphere adds character to the place. Flavours on Two is family friendly and child friendly place. 

The Mexican theme night, like all their other theme nights is inclusive of unlimited house drinks. I opted for white wine and my dining partner opted for freshly squeezed orange juice.



After we got our drinks, we immediately went to check out the buffet. We were really impressed with the lavish spread. Every Mexican dish that we desired to eat was available and waiting for us. We started with Tomato Tortilla Soup. It is bit on the sour side, nevertheless tasty.

We were astounded by the sheer variety of salads. We made couple of rounds to try out all their salads. There was sweet corn with capsicum, roasted corn salad, corn on the cob, tomato salad,fresh mushroom salad, baby spinach and the list is endless. We also tried tomato gazpacho, beetroot gazpacho, avocado gazpacho and marinated asparagus at the cold station. It was awesome.

Our next stop was the Nacho station. There was some four kinds of nachos. There was salsa,guacamole,refried beans, cheddar cheese sauce, roasted chilli and garlic, chicken chilli and beef chilli corn carne to go along with the nachos. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.



Our next stop was at the live station. We had stuffed Jalapeño  and quesadilla. After relishing it we went and got ourselves vegetable Ensalada, Roasted Cajun vegetables,chilli corn carnie, roasted sweet potatoes,Fajitas and Mexican rice.

The meat lovers will really love it here, as they get to have huge variety. There is chicken corn carnie,chicken fajitas,chicken Ensalada,roasted lamb and beef. Seafood like shrimp, grilled king Fish with citrus salsa and many more dishes.

What I liked about the buffet was that there was so much variety for the vegetarians.Usually the buffets don’t offer much variety for the vegetarians. Both non vegetarians and vegetarians have good choice.


After enjoying our Mexican meal, it was time to hit the Dessert station. What a dessert spread it was, wish there was space in our stomach to try each and every dessert. But we did try quite a few and their desserts are to die for.

Some of the desserts we tried were Apple Tortilla, Churros, Banana Butterscotch Pudding, Panna Cotta, sticky Tiramisu Cake, Baked Cheese Cake, Crystal Sable, Choco Coco Crumble and Fresh Fruit Tart. There was also fruit salad in a cute jar. It was  dessert heaven for me my partner. A definite must try is the dessert station at Flavours on Two. They also have good selection of cheese and bread.

After the scrumptious meal we were offered tea/coffee . We were two happy and content people. That was one awesome dinner.


Flavours on Two has theme nights every night. It includes buffet and  drinks.

Sunday Mexican Theme night (Sizzling Salsa)-with alcohol-Dhs 190 per person 

Monday Indian Theme night-with alcohol-Dhs 190 per person

Tuesday British Theme night-with alcohol-Dhs 190 per person 

Wednesday Seafood night-with alcohol-Dhs 210 per person

Thursday and Friday Italian Theme night-with alcohol-Dhs 205 per person 

Saturday Asian Theme night-with alcohol-Dhs 190 per person 

Flavours on Two is a great place to have dinner or brunch with family and friends. This modern and lovely buffet themed restaurant will impress you with tasty array of food, great service and lavish spread. We enjoyed our culinary experience at Flavours on Two. Yes, sizzling Salsa certainly sizzled. I definitely recommend it.
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