The City By The Bay-San Francisco

The beautiful city of San Francisco is located in the Northern Part of California State in United states Of America.San Francisco is a popular tourist destination.The City is on the tip of the Peninsula and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.The city is small,but densely populated.
I had planned for a West Coast trip of United States with my family for 3 weeks.The first place in our itinerary was San Francisco.I have always been mesmerised by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.But San Francisco has much more to offer,apart from Golden Gate Bridge.
As soon as we Landed in San Francisco and got into the taxi to reach our hotel,we were treated to the famous SFO Fog.Later we got to know that,this fog is a year-round occurrence.It felt magical.San Francisco is known for it’s hilly landscape,beautiful houses,Golden gate bridge,Cable cars(trolley cars),Alcatraz Island,Fishermen’s Wharf etc.
As a tourist if you are short on time,you can cover SFO in 3 days.That is in and around San Francisco.As I wrote earlier SFO is a small city and all the major tourist destinations in the city can be covered within 3 days.There are lot of amazing places to visit outside SFO,But you need a full day to cover them.Some of these places are Napa and Sonoma valley,Monterey bay,Carmel,San Jose(where Silicon valley is situated),Yosemite National Park etc.
Some of the must-visit places in San Francisco are as follows-
1 Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park
2 Fishermen’s Wharf
3 Alcatraz Island
4 Chinatown
5 Aquarium of the Bay
6 Ride on the Cable Car and visit the Cable Car Museum
7 Lombard Street
8 California Academy of Sciences
9 AT & T Park
10 Angel Island
11 Muir woods
12 Coit Tower
13 Alamo Square
14 Ocean Beach
There are many more places.These are the main ones according to me.
Pier 39 and Italian part of the city are also my favorites.San Francisco is a gorgeous and vibrant city.It will make you fall in love with it.A Trip to San Franciso is truly unforgettable.I loved the beautiful architecture.The people are friendly.SFO also has some great museums.It is a family friendly city.It is a city by the bay.The weather is beautiful.
San Francisco is a Cosmopolitan city.It is filled with various nationalities.The rents are high.It has great public transport.San Francisco can make any hardcore foodie happy.It offers a great variety of cuisine and food.The Sourdough bread and seafood is a must-try.San Francisco visit is incomplete without trying the amazing Californian wine.The local beers are great too.DSC_0318
San Francisco is one of the coolest destination.It will keep any traveller busy with lot of activities.Walking is a great way to explore this city.You can also travel by car,bus,train,cable car to explore this wonderful city.It is a melting pot of culture.San Francisco is one of the most beautiful city in United States Of America.If you stay in SFO for a longer duration,you might start planning to buy an apartment.I will come back soon to San Francisco.Love this charming place.

Author: Meghana

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