Books Inspired Season 6 at Carnival by Tresind

Carnival by Tresind

It is always wonderful to have a meal at Carnival by Tresind as everytime it is a different experience. This time I visited them after a really long time and tried their new Season 6 menu titled Books.

Located in the business district of DIFC, Carnival by Tresind is a multi-award winning restaurant serving post-modern food in a fun and carnival-like atmosphere.

Their menu changes every season and the season 6 is inspired by books from around the world, incorporating their influences and bringing an exciting and theatrical rendition to Indian food while retaining culinary profile of each dish.

Season 6 is curated by Executive Chef Vinu Raveendran in collaboration with Corporate Chef Himanshu Saini. Season 6’s a la carte menu features a wide array of new dishes from small plates to big plates, sides and desserts. There is a seven-course Chef’s Tasting Menu and The Bookmark Tasting Menu comprising of popular dishes from season 6.

We tried the The Bookmark Tasting Menu and few other dishes from their a la carte menu. They offer vegetarian and non vegetarian options. Being vegetarians, we went for the veg option.

Cocktails at Carnival by Tresind

Season 6 also features 6 new books-inspired cocktails by the award-winning team of mixologist at Carnival led by the talented Sherine John. We tried their creative and masterfully crafted cocktails like Black Diamond, Dark Knight, Soul of Africa and 3-Wood Smoked Barrel and loved it.

Season 6 in Carnival by Tresind

The Bookmark Tasting Menu consisted of 8 courses, including a detailed bookmark note on the table, explaining each course and telling a story as to how that course is a part of Carnival by Tresind’s complete season 6 menu,Books.

Pani puri

Course 1 started with amuse bouche, a bite-sized spicy Bao Bhaji, moving to Course 2 which was flavor packed Pani Puri, we had to go to Dilli-6 inside the restaurant for an innovative street side, old-Delhi style experience.

Baked cheese

Course 3 titled Who moved my cheese? was a delicious baked cottage cheese pinwheel with pomegranate sauce. From their a la carte menu we tried Tiger’s Milk, Carnival’s take on ceviche with yuzu-grapefruit marinade and root vegetables chips. It was insanely good.


Course 4 named Bitcoin was crisp bread roundels with a scrumptious mixed veg topping served with sesame and chili sauce. We also tried the crunchy and comforting Red Hot Chili Peppers from their a la carte menu.

Kadhi Kachori

Course 5 -Lady in Gold was one of the standout dishes in the menu. It was kadhi Kachori with caramelized onion and crispy okra.

Course 6-Sorbet was the palate cleanser- guava and passion fruit lolly.

Gulab jamun curry

Course 7- Main Course was Pumpkin Kofta, Life of Pie(mock meat shepherd pie) and Gulab Jamun Curry(from a la carte menu) along with fresh Breads. The pie was outrageously delicious and the Kofta was great too. We didn’t like the Gulab Jamun curry as it was a bit too sweet for our liking.

Lemon tart

Course 8- Dessert was an indulgent, creative and rich affair. Both the lemon tart and the Shahi Tukda were good. Liked their names too, When life gives you lemons and Newton.

The season 6 menu at Carnival by Tresind is outstanding and comes highly recommended. Each and every dish has a story to tell. Creativity, taste, flavor and plating is on point.


The Bookmark Tasting Menu-AED 259 per person


You can order dishes from season 6 from their a la carte menu

For reservations call: 04 421 8665/ 052 242 4262

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