Egyptian Restaurant KHOFO opens on the Shores of the Creek

KHOFO Restaurant Dubai

Last week was quite eventful and we attended the launch of two new restaurants and one of them was KHOFO. As the name suggests, KHOFO is an Egyptian restaurant owned by Emirati entrepreneur Mr. Majid Al Usaimi.

Located in the heritage district of Al Seef Dubai on the shores of the Dubai Creek, KHOFO is Dubai’s first Pharaonic restaurant. The culinary journey at KHOFO will take you back to the magical times of ancient Egypt.

Sprawled across two floors, KHOFO is a spacious venue that also offers outdoor dining area with spectacular views of the Dubai Creek.

The name of the restaurant is derived from an an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Pharaonic Restaurant

The regal venue has Egyptian inspired interiors with columns adorned with beautiful art, hieroglyphic murals and luxurious furnishing. The staff dressed up in the ancient pharaoh attire adds up to complete ancient Egyptian experience.

KHOFO restaurant and cafe is open early in the morning till late in the night. Their menu offers a range of authentic Egyptian dishes. At the launch we were offered a set menu.

Egyptian Food

Apart from water, we were served traditional drinks like Qamar Al Deen and Peach Juice.

We were served dishes from their specially curated menu for the launch.

  • I loved the way they had given a twist to the classic Egyptian dish Koshari and turned it into Kushary Balls. An absolute must-try dish at KHOFO.
  • Three kinds of assorted Hummus was served-Classic, Beetroot and Avocado with crisp bread. We liked all the three varieties, but our favorite was the avocado one.
  • We didn’t try their Hawawshi Bites or meatloaf and Beef Liver Sandwich as we are vegetarians.
  • Both Mini Falafel Sandwich and Beetroot Falafel Sandwich was fresh and tasted delightful.
  • Next we were offered assorted Mini Egyptian Pie.(chicken, meat and vegetable) We had the veg option. This dish dates back to the times of pharaohs. It was a flaky layered pastry stuffed with veggies and it got us hooked after the very first bite.
  • There was also assorted Mini Bites Mix Grill which seemed to be popular with most of the guests. We had to give it a miss as it was not vegetarian.
  • It was time for desserts now and we were served Umm Ali which was lip-smackingly delicious and Kunafa with Mango. We didn’t like the Kunafa with Mango as it didn’t have any taste or flavor.
  • Ended our dinner with a cup of Cappuccino.

The food, the service and the atmosphere was good at KHOFO. Want to dine like a pharaoh? ….and to be transported back in time? You don’t have to book a flight to Egypt, a visit to KHOFO will take you there.

Phone: 04 388 5005

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