New Shanghai-Now Open in The Dubai Mall


The Chinese restaurant scene is growing in Dubai and the latest addition to this is New Shanghai, an international casual dining restaurant chain. A Chinese restaurant established in 1992 by the Chen family in Sydney, Australia.

New Shanghai now has outlets in China, Australia and the Middle East. In fact, the Dubai outlet is their first foray in the Middle East. We visited them for lunch recently.

Located in the Lower Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall, New Shanghai offers a taste of traditional Shanghainese cuisine with a contemporary flair.

Shanghai cuisine

The interiors of New Shanghai will take you to the bustling and vibrant streets of Shanghai. The paintings of the Chinese women all over the restaurant looks spectacular. The lovely furniture and tableware adds to the overall beautiful atmosphere of the place.

The unique dumplings theatre is the outstanding feature of the restaurant. We loved watching the art of making dumplings.

Their menu features more than 80 dishes, including wontons, dumplings, Xiao Long Bao and a range of seafood and meat dishes. They’ve a limited selection of vegetarian dishes. Being a vegetarian, we only ordered their veg dishes.

What we ordered:

Spiced mango

  • We started off with drinks first, their Spiced Mango had a blend of pineapple, mango and coconut juice with a hint of spice and garnished with banana leaf. Not only did it look great, tasted amazing too. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Garlic Cucumber was our cold starter, it was simple and refreshing.

Shanghai noodles

  • Mixed Vegetable Pot Stickers had veggies, dry tofu and shiitake mushrooms, chopped and tossed in glass noodles. It was packed with authentic flavor and taste.
  • Next we ordered the Mixed Vegetable Dumplings and it was served in the traditional bamboo steamer. It was good, but we had the same veggie filling as the pot stickers in dumplings too. In fact, all their veg options has the same filling. I would like to advise them to add different veg fillings.
  • Mapo Tofu was the highlight of our lunch, it was slightly spicy and oh-so-delicious. A definite must-try.
  • Shanghai Stir Fried Noodles is a simple Noodle dish and you cannot go wrong with that.

Fried ice cream

  • We ordered Mango Pudding and Fried Ice Cream. The Mango Pudding was utterly delicious and bursting with flavor. We didn’t enjoy the Fried Ice Cream as the shell wasn’t crispy enough.
  • We ended our lunch with a pot of Jasmine Tea. It had a delicate and exotic aroma.

We enjoyed our lunch experience at New Shanghai. Loved the taste of traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisine, only wish that they introduce more vegetarian dishes. The quantity is huge and the prices are reasonable. Good food and drinks were complemented by great service and spectacular ambience.

Phone: 04 224 6819
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