Zahr El Laymoun- Souk Al Bahar

Zahr El Laymoun

My love for Lebanese food got me to the doorstep of Zahr El Laymoun, an authentic Lebanese restaurant. In fact this restaurant brought me back memories of my Lebanon visit few years ago. Zahr El Laymoun is a great place to visit to all Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine fans.

Located in the picturesque Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Dubai, Zahr El Laymoun offers the stunning view of Burj Khalifa and the famous Dubai Water Fountains.

Rustic interiors

The restaurant is spacious with indoor and outdoor dining area. They also offer Shisha outdoors. The setting of the restaurant inside is very pretty, homey and rustic. We found the decor of the place utterly charming and cosy. A perfect place for families and friends to gather and share a delicious meal.

Hear what team Zahr El Laymoun has to say about their concept:

At Zahr El Laymoun an authentic Lebanese story is born again. As we recreate what our ancestors used and cooked at their homes in Lebanese villages, nesting between green mountains and plains. Zahr El Laymoun brings back the nostalgic memories of grandmothers cooking.

Their menu offers a wide range of soups, salads, cold and hot mezze, starters, grills, sandwiches, mains and desserts. They also have a breakfast menu. As we are vegetarians, we tried their veg dishes.

Listed below is some of the dishes that we ordered:


  • We started off with the freshly made Green Apple Juice that was served in a cute jug.
  • Zahr El Laymoun Salad is their signature salad with rocca, red fig, grilled halloumi and sesame seeds dressed in a honey vinegar sauce. It was refreshing.
  • Manakish Akawi was freshly made and tasted incredible.
  • We liked the Spicy Hummus, it had classic hummus topped with a mix of spicy nuts.
  • Labneh Tray is something you will not see in other Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. It had Labneh covered with thyme, pistachio, olive oil with pomegranate seeds and olives.
  • Stuffed Eggplant Rolls was another winning dish, it had eggplant rolls stuffed with mutabbal, walnut, cumin and pomegranate seeds.
  • Spicy Foul had cooked fava beans with chili, garlic, cumin and olive oil. It was bursting with great flavor and taste.
  • However Spicy Potato Cubes was disappointing. It was not spicy, tangy or crispy as it is supposed to be.
  • Our favorite dish was Fattet Zahr El Laymoun, a must-try at the restaurant. It had the amazing combo of toasted bread, grilled eggplant cubes, boiled chickpeas, onion, cumin, pomegranate molasses and it was topped with garlic yogurt, pomegranate seeds and crispy onion.
  • From their grill, we ordered the Grilled Halloumi which was served with rocca and cherry tomatoes.
  • We were also served freshly baked bread that was warm and fluffy. It went perfectly with our dishes.

Choco-Ashta Cake

  • For desserts, we ordered Mafroukeh, a pistachio and fresh ashta based dessert and the rich and creamy Choco-Ashta Cake. Sadly, we couldn’t try their popular Booza Ice Cream as we were just recovering from flu and didn’t want to try anything cold.
  • We ended our lunch with a pot of Green Tea.

We enjoyed our lunch experience at Zahr El Laymoun. The food, the atmosphere, the service and the view was amazing.

Phone: 04 448 6060

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